Padbury CPS Newsletter

Issue #6 - 7 May 2021

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Please check the community calendar for upcoming and future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


Dear Parents

For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honour Mary, Mother of God. Our class teachers are spending some time in class this month teaching the children to pray the Hail Mary and The Rosary. Thank you to Year One children for leading us all in our Mother’s Day Assembly this morning, in honour of all mothers within the PCPS community.

It was wonderful to see so many mums and grandmothers join us today for the Mothers Day Breakfast. A special thank you to Erin Otten for coordinating this event and to her helpers Severine Gibson, Laura Kirkwood, Brooke Walsh, Casey Gallagher and Erin Lynch. It was extremely well attended, COVID style!

Pope Francis has dedicated this year to St Joseph. He did so after he saw how much pressure coronavirus put on many families through anxiety, unemployment and fractured relationships. He emphasises St Joseph’s role as father of his family. When introducing the year, Pope Francis described St Joseph as a father who worked to support his family. The importance of work in our lives is picked up in the Feast of St Joseph the Worker, celebrated on 1 May. On this day we think about Joseph, a man of justice whose life journey saved lives and while staying in the shadows, carried light. Joseph's story, one of silence and courage, is so inspiring, especially during challenging times. Together, Mary and Joseph can teach us all so much about living a loving and courageous life.

All PCPS families are invited to celebrate a special family Mass at Our Lady of the Mission on Sunday, May 16 at 11.00am. At this Mass the families from Padbury Catholic PS will be participating in all parts of the Mass along with the parish community. We are keen for parents as well as children to participate in the Mass. Some of the areas you can help in include - Altar serving; reading; lighting candles; singing with the choir; guitar playing; cooking and serving sausages, tea and coffee. We are fortunate to have Mrs Woodall and Mrs Cusack leading the music for this Mass but would love for you to join in. Information has been sent out on how to register to help. Big thanks to Emma Marpole, Nat Bullen and Liz de Haas for all their hard work in planning for this liturgical celebration.

The Sacramental Programme with our parish is well underway. Please keep the Year Three, Four and Six children in your prayers as they enter into this very special spiritual journey of receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation during the year.

Please keep the Year Six children in your prayers as they are in the final stages of preparation to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. They will soon take part in their Confirmation Retreat Day where they were able to spend time reflecting the sacrament they are about to receive, forming a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit who is nurturing their hearts. On 29 and 30 of May the children will receive the sacrament at Our Lady of the Mission Church.

It was terrific to see parents at our Internet Awareness session on Wednesday evening with present Paul Litherland from Surf online Safe. We have had lots of feedback regarding how informative the session was and what an eye opener for parents! Paul also spent time working with the Year 5 & 6 classes on Wednesday morning making them more internet aware. If you were not able to make it please check the newsletter and blog section of his website –

Our P&F are keeping busy at the moment supplying our children with delicious warm sausage sizzle lunches. Thankyou so much to Sheree Merry and Ann Sargeant for co ordinating and to their team of helpers.

Padbury CPS is a school of choice in the area and as such we want to tell everyone about our amazing school community. We run school tours twice a term and encourage prospective families to come and take a look at what we have to offer. If you know of anyone looking to start school or someone who wishes to change school, please encourage them to visit our school website and book into one of these school tours.

Padbury Catholic Primary students are blessed with a variety of optional extra-curricular activities that are both supported and encouraged by the school, its teachers and the school community. Whether students have a passion for music or sport, there is a program that will challenge, develop and nurture each child. These activities are also a chance to deepen school friendships and to represent the school in a range of community-based activities such as -

Swimming, Running and Netball Clubs

After school sport


Coding Club

Lego Masters Club

Knitting Club

Musical Production

Rubik’s Cube Club

Gifted and Talent

Mathematics Extension


Year Five & Six Electives

Music Tutor Instrumental programme

Parent sessions eg. Internet Awareness, U R Strong, Keeping Safe

If you would like to know more about the activities above please check our website, read the newsletter for updates, speak with your child's classroom teacher or contact the front office.

Have a great weekend and to all the PCPS mothers and grandmothers, have a beautiful day on Sunday.

Kind regards

Mrs Margaret Williamson





Confirmation is fast-approaching. Please keep our Year 6 students in your prayers as they prepare to receive this Sacrament.

A reminder the Parent-Student workshop for PCPS families will be held next week on Wednesday 12 May. This is on the Community Calendar and information has been emailed out.


Naplan Online

NAPLAN Online Testing will occur next week each morning as follows-

Tuesday - Writing

Wednesday - Reading

Thursday - Conventions of Language & Spelling

Friday - Numeracy

Thought for the Week

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead!

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals


Knitting Club

Knitting club from Years 3-6 is on every Thursday at 12.55pm in the library. If you would like to learn how to knit, bring along your knitting needles and wool.
See you there.

Mrs Wood

Knitting Club Co ordinator

Before School Supervision

Before school supervision commences at 8.15am in the Undercover Area. Children must not be on the school site prior to 8.15am. If children from Year 1-6 are on school site from 8.15am, they must wait in the Undercover Area with the teacher on supervision.

We ask that even if Yr 1-6 parents are waiting with their children before school, please wait with your child in the amphitheatre where there is a teacher on duty each morning from 8:15am. If parents wait with their children outside classrooms, we often see that other children start to congregate there and this becomes a duty of care issue as they are not supervised by staff. We appreciate everyone's understanding to ensure all students' safety.

If you need to drop your child off earlier than 8.15am then please contact OSH Club (Before School Care).

Traffic Warden

An important message from Mark, the Traffic Warden on Gibson Avenue:

I have been on the crossing since the start of 2020 (and a couple of reliefs prior to that), and I consider myself very fortunate to be positioned here. The students are very polite and respectful and the acknowledgement, positive comments and waves/thumbs up from parents and staff and drivers in general, makes this crossing a pleasure to work at.

Please take note of the following to ensure the safest possible environment for our community:

  • Please do not cross Gibson Avenue near Ruddall Way. Not only is this dangerous and impedes traffic flow, it defeats the purpose of having a manned crossing. It also does not set a good example by these parents to their children and others, of obeying road rules, and simple common sense.
  • Please be aware of cars stopping on the crossing, which makes it very difficult to get children and parents across. Please try and leave the crossing clear at all times.
  • Please remember the 40km/hour speed limit

Thanks everyone.

Mark The Traffic Warden


Choir News

🎶 Choir for Boys and Girls in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Tuesdays 8:15 in the hall.

🎶 Stick Rehearsal- Interested Year 6 Boys and Girls Wednesdays 8:15 in the hall.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher

Performing Arts Festival

The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic schools provides the opportunity for the children to experience the spirit and tradition of performing arts. There are many sections to choose from this year. Students may wish to perform by submitting a video or live on stage at the venue offered. Check the following website for information tap on Performing Arts Festival and then go to the section that interests your child.

Entries need to be submitted to me by 9th May.

Solo instrumental and vocal entries....$18 or $9 for video submission.

Speech and Drama....$20 or $10 for video submission.

Duologues are $32 or $16 for video submission.

For further information contact me in person or by email.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher



Our condolences go to the Wardell family (Jakob Kindy) on the loss of their father/grandfather. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Our condolences go to the McEntee family (Brady Year 6) on the loss of their mother/Nana. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Making Decisions in a Child's best interests - wise words from Michael Grose

Watching your child or young person manage their nervous moments can be challenging for parents, but it comes with the territory. How you react to an anxiety-inducing moment can influence the way kids approach uncomfortable situations in the future.

Sadly, avoidance is a well-entrenched pattern of behaviour that holds many kids back from experiencing life as they would like. The comfort zone that many crave to stay in can be like maximum security prison where there’s no escape. It’s incumbent upon parents to make sure participation rather than avoidance becomes the most likely response even when kids feel nervous and tense.

There’s a natural tendency for kids to avoid doing activities where they may fail, struggle or even risk being laughed at. At such times, parents who can see the bigger picture need to make decisions for their child to prevent the development of negative patterns of behaviour that are so difficult to break. It takes significant parental sensitivity and courage to avoid taking anxiety-inducing activities temporarily away from a child or teenager. But it’s the right thing to do if developing confidence, rather than helplessness is your goal.

You should never underestimate the value of a little parenting push, particularly if anxiety tends to be your child’s constant companion.

These words couldn’t have been truer as I watched my son walk into a clubroom of complete strangers to join a footy team last night. He was nervous. I was beyond nervous and thinking about how I would fare in a similar situation. But…it had to be done and so it was. Without a doubt, next week will be easier…on both of us.

Mrs Ali Fisher

Social Worker


This Week's Focus: How to help your kids be responsible digital citizens

It was wonderful to see so many parents and staff at the Paul Litherland Cyber Safety Presenation on Wednesday Night. I hope you found it useful for you in tackling the online world with your children.

For further resources you can see Paul's resources:

YouTube channel -

Facebook -

Website -

Website news -

Blog -

Mr vB

Assistant Principal


Family Mass

We warmly invite all families to celebrate a special family mass at Our Lady of the Mission on Sunday, May 16 at 11.00am. At this mass the families from PCPS will be participating in all parts of the Mass along with the parish community. We would love expressions of interest from any children or parents to attend, sing, play a musical instrument, read, do the offertory procession, etc. Please click HERE register your interest

We will be in touch soon regarding your role and a practise before the Mass. Please note there will be 2 practises on May 7 and May 14 at 3pm in the school Prayer Room. If you or your child would like to play guitar at the Mass, please email ASAP to register your interest. Parents and children welcome.

There will be a sausage sizzle after Mass in the parish hall, with sausages and icy poles provided for all families. We would love some volunteers to help with this as well, so please add your name if you are able.

Please mark Sunday, May 16, 11am on your calendar, and we hope to see as many PCPS families as possible celebrating this special Mass.

Emma Marpole, Nat Bullen, Liz de Haas and Kate Allen

PCPS Parish Family Mass Co-ordinators



Parish Update

Mass Times

All Masses are held in the Church

Saturday - 8:30am; 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:00am; 9:30am; 11:00am; 5:45pm

Monday to Friday - 7:00am; 9:00am

24:7 Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6 to 12

1st and 3rd Friday @ Parish Hall, 7pm

Call Luke 0401822932 for more information.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Parish Website :


Walk for Women's Cancer

Dear PCPS community

Cancer has touched each and every one of our lives in some shape or form be it parents, siblings, our children or our friends. A group of mums from Year 6 and Year 4, along with some former Padbury CPS mums have committed to participate in the Perkins Institute 35 km Walk for Women’s Cancer on Saturday 29th May. All funds raised go towards research at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

If this is something that is close to your heart please support our walkers in the team. Donations can be made at search ‘Coast Busters’ under teams. Every dollar helps, no donation too small.

Thankyou for your support

Gina McEntee, Raf Rogers, Janine O’ Shea, Beck Kish, Kate Allen, Julie Bertolucci, Liggia Alvarado, Clare Ogden, Marina Deans and Vilma Hall

Walk For Women's Cancer Team

Ladies Night Market Stall

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