This Week at the Park

University Park Elementary New~ April 4th, 2022

FSA Begins this Week for 3rd-6th Graders

Tuesday, April 5th: FSA ELA Grade 3, Day 1

Wednesday, April 6th: FSA ELA Grade 3, Day 2

Thursday, April 7th: FSA Writing Grade 4th-6th

Important Information About the FSA:

The Florida Standards Assessment is a state-wide test given to all 3rd through 10th-grade students in Brevard Public Schools. The FSA tests provide insight into the progress students make in understanding and mastering the standards and skills being taught.

Tips to Help Your Child

1. We begin testing first thing in the morning so all students should arrive by 7:45 am. Any student who arrives after testing has started, will not be allowed to enter the testing room.

2. Please plan on a good night's sleep before testing! We do our best work when we are well-rested and prepared.

3. Students cannot have their cell phones or any technological device with them or near them during testing. Backpacks and phones will be collected and returned once testing is over.

4. Students should have a good breakfast the morning of testing. University Park provides free breakfast for all students starting at 7:15 am.

5. Students should not be checked out once testing begins and until testing is over.

6. The test is 80 minutes (3rd grade) or 120 minutes (4th-6th grade) with a short break at the halfway point.

7. Please help us in encouraging your child during the testing dates! We are excited to see their progress and growth from this school year!

Literacy Limelight: By Tehani Kisor, Reading Intervention Teacher

April is here and FSA testing for the upper grades is right around the corner, it is very important that you continue to read every day with your child. All students should be reading at least 20 minutes per day. They need practice decoding words, being a fluent reader and comprehending what they have read. The information below is very helpful and highlights the importance of reading with your child. Having your child read daily will only increase their scores on any type of test that take…even math! Happy Reading!!
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University Park's STEM Night: April 6th @ 5:30 PM

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Kindergarten Orientation: April 7th @ 5:30 PM

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Classroom Spotlight: Mr. Albani's VPK Class

During Women's History Month in March, UP highlighted and celebrated many historical female figures. In Mr. Albani's VPK classroom, he introduced his students to the first African American female to travel through space, Mae Jemison. During their reading of the book "Mae Among the Stars" by Roda Ahmed, his class engaged in a hands-on activity of watching a "rocket" launch using baking soda and vingar!