Antonio Vivaldi(1678-1741)

Charlotte Rollins

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Vivaldi's early life

Antonio Vivaldi was born in March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy. He had a large family including his four brothers and four sisters. When he was fifteen he started to learn to become a priest. He finally became a priest in 1703. He had vibrant red hair so people had given him the nickname "the red priest". Vivaldi also had a medical issue called asthma, back then it was called "tightening of the chest". Shortly after studied to become a priest he learned how to play the violin and became the composer we now know today.
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About the map

The picture above is of the city Venice which is located in Italy. The map represents where Vivaldi was born and raised. It is the city where he became a violinist and priest. It is also where he got a job teaching at the Ospedale Della Pietá. He also changed jobs and started working at the Vienna to work for one of his old friends.


Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Spring (La Primavera), 1st movement

The Four Seasons

The video shown above is of a orchestra playing Vivaldi four seasons(spring). He got inspired to write his "four seasons" by a series of paintings painted by Marco Ricci. He wrote poem called a sonnet to go along with paintings. A sonnet is a very difficult type of poem to write. Vivaldi only wrote for string instruments because he played the violin. He usually played along with his orchestra and soloed on his violin. The song has sounds that sound like things you would hear in spring like a dog barking. Now the four seasons if very popular on TV and in commercials, sometimes you can also here it in restaurants or elevators.

Other known music

  • L'estro Armonico
  • Gloria
  • Choral
  • La Starvaganza
  • Le quattro Stagion
  • La cetra

Vivaldi's legacy

Vivaldi's legacy was writings music for hundreds of people around the world to listen to. His pieces are important because people have been listening to it for hundreds of years. They have been listening to it for this long because he wrote beautiful pieces of music. He also had a big impact on the musical scene in his lifetime. His impact was creating over a thousand pieces and selling them to people to listen to. This is all why Vivaldi was a important person.

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