Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary - March Newsletter 2021

Quick Glance at Important Dates

March 1st - 5th - National Breakfast Week

March 3rd - School-Based Vaccination Clinic

March 5th - Club Day

March 8th-12th - Spring Break

March 15th - April 2nd - Jump Rope for Heart

From Dr. Forster

Thank you to our phenomenal YES PTO for their fundraising efforts to “Build the Barn." The money we raised will go to constructing a storage barn on our upper field to store physical education equipment for all of our students to enjoy. There are 45 steps to climb from the base to the top of the hill leading to Magic Mountain, so having our equipment where it is needed each day and not having to haul the equipment up and down is very helpful. Coach Smith and Coach Draughon do an outstanding job providing engaging activities for our students so the efforts of our parents to help in this way are greatly appreciated.

Many of our year end activities are changing, but many will still take place as they have in the past. While we will not have a DARE and 5th grade graduation going forward, we will still have our end of the year, school wide and homeroom celebrations, as well as, YES Field Day. We want to celebrate the success of our students in a fun (and safe) way and know this will be an excellent way to wrap up our year. We will host a virtual Expressive Arts Night with participation from all our students as a way to showcase our students artistic and musical ability. Details to come very soon.

It is hard to believe that Friday ends the 3rd nine weeks. During the final nine weeks of the school year, students will not be permitted to change from traditional learning to remote learning. We will continue our preventative measures until the last day of the school year – continued masking, distancing and sanitizing. We are hopeful that our efforts will ensure that we can finish this school year as we greatly believe that we are Better Together.

National School Breakfast Week

The cafeteria will be celebrating National School Breakfast Week, March 1st – 5th with giveaways each day.

Expressive Arts Virtual Program

We are excited to announce that all of our students will participate in an Expressive Arts Program this spring. We will share details about this virtual event soon.

Nurse Notes from Nurse Julia

Attention Parents/Guardians of 5th grade students

What: School Based Vaccination Clinic

When: Wednesday, March 3rd

Where: Yarbrough Elementary School

Who: Eligible traditional 5th grade students

(no remote students or students covered by PEEHIP)

Why: To provide recommended vaccines: Tdap, HPV, and MCV

How: Complete and return the consent form your student brought home

Art Adventures with Mr. Daniel

The YES Art Dept. is off to a fantastic start for the month of March.

Our 4th and 5th grade artists are using their creative ability, skill set and design principles, to develop positive/negative space trains. We're exploring how to effectively use space and shape within our design. Students are having fun learning how to utilize a variety of media (oil pastels, markers, crayons, etc.) to develop their artwork. A silhouette is defined as the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background. We're using the negative space around the contours of the train to define our composition. We're also exploring the works of Romare Bearden and Man Ray.

Computer Communication with Miss Ball

In computer lab the students will create Spring Break poems. When the students return from Spring Break they will create a recap of their break through Office 365 using Word or PowerPoint to display their adventures. These projects help students apply their typing skills which will be needed for state testing soon.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

Jump Rope for Heart 2021

What is Jump Rope for Heart? Established in 1983, Jump Rope for Heart is a school-based exercise and fundraising program. It encourages students to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease.

Our Jump Rope for Heart unit will begin Monday, March15th and will run for 3 weeks. We will focus on heart healthy eating, choosing water to drink, and being physically active for 60 minutes a day. Students will also learn various jump roping skills.

All paperwork and donations will be ONLINE again this year!! No paperwork or money to return to school!!

*You may register your child by using the KHC app or go to

Additional information is in the Jump Rope for Heart packet sent home with your child.

*The last day for donations will be Friday, April 2.


- A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated to help build the barn on Magic Mountain. We are so excited to have such a wonderful place to store our PE equipment.

-We would like to wish our Intern Coach Ranley Clayton much success as she continues her second session at Opelika Middle school.

Virtual and traditional students can find PE activities on schoology and our PE website.

Thanks for all you do to support these heart healthy kiddos!

Coach Smith, Coach Draughon, Coach Ranley Clayton

Media Center Memo with Mrs. McGilberry

In Media classes this month, students will continue with our coding unit. They will begin to code their robots to perform tasks. The students have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this unit!

Our spring book fair has been moved to May, and details will be sent home closer to time.

Music Moments with Mrs. Oprandy

In the month of February, fifth grade students played several new rhythms on their KidStix stick station. They expanded their knowledge and understanding of reading music by playing new melodies on the glockenspiels. Students also learned more about ostinatos and practiced playing different repeating rhythm patterns on rhythm instruments with musical accompaniment.

February was a big month for fourth-graders! We began our UKULELE unit!! Students learned the parts of the ukulele and how to properly sit and hold the instrument. They also learned how to play C and F chords and play songs with those chords. Lastly, they began working on switching between those two chords. (Not an easy thing to do!)

Both grade levels started preparation for our spring Expressive Arts virtual program. More information about that exciting event coming soon!

Venture Visit with Mr. Jackson

In Venture last month, we learned about the characteristics of different shapes. Students had an amazing time exploring Tangrams and discovering how seven different pieces can transform into various shapes. We also spent time with the activity "Which One Doesn't Belong?" where students are presented with four different shapes and have to figure out what unique characteristic makes each shape different from the others. It required students to ask questions, work together, and uncover the characteristics of different shapes.

Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

In March, we are continuing with our career development lessons. Students have learned what a career is and the major factors in choosing a career in their future. We discussed passions, interests, and abilities in relation to future careers. The four steps to a successful career are as follows: Self-awareness, Career exploration, Goal setting, and Planning.

On average, research shows that with more education people are exposed to higher paying careers. Education is continuously being stressed and graduating high school is a must! Students are to be proactive as they get to choose how far they decide to go with their educational pursuit after high school. The sky is the limit; please challenge your children to give their best every day in school. The higher your expectations, the better results you will see.

We are using the California Career Zone website ( to expand our knowledge with career inventories (Holland Codes). Students are matching who they are with what they want to be as adult workers. Encourage your students to be the best version of themselves everyday so it flows over into a successful and fulfilling career. Dream big. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Quote of the month:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” ---Steve Jobs