My region

By; Samantha

The Midwest!!!

The Midwest is home to both important and fun places to visit. The Midwest also has cool things witch are in the cool things in the Midwest. In the Midwest there are some factories.I only Know of one factory and it is the paper factory.

Did you know!?!

Did you know that in the Midwest cheese is a very important thing in the Midwest. Did you know the American Bison is very important to the Native Americans. Today there are about 350,000 in the United States.

Cool things in the midwest

The Midwest is our home! It can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer and the trees don't start blooming until spring. Some french explorers explored around the Mississippi river in 1673. they started to call the area new France. President Lincoln's house is now called the Lincoln home national historic site. The Midwest also has a lot of lakes including lake Michigan.

The Lakes

some say that Paul Bunyan's giant foot step made Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. Do you know all the names of the lakes? I can tell you here they are Lake Michigan,Lake Erie,Lake Ontario,Lake Huron, and Lake Superior a easy name to know them by is the word "HOMES".

The End