Ms. Burdick's 3rd Grade News

January 6, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe break! I sure missed your kiddos! Thank you so much for all the love, cards and gifts. I am truly blessed to work in such an amazing community.


Here is the updated Sign Up Genius for volunteering! Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate you!

Gift Basket for Edward

Today, our class made snowflakes to decorate Edward's hospital room. The class started talking and would like to make a gift basket for Edward. If you could please send in any magazines, books, slippers, legos, card games, etc I will assemble them and get them to the family. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him and I hope we can bring a little sunshine to his life. Anything you can donate (except food, candy or flowers) would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to have these by next Wednesday, January 13th. Thank you!

3rd Grade Bazaar---MARKET DAY

The Bradford Third Grade BAZAAR is coming soon! Students have studied parts of the city during social studies. We have spent time learning about residential, recreational, industrial, and commercial areas.

Now it is time to create partnerships, conduct market research, and design our own businesses. The Third Grade Shopping Mall will be open for business on February 11. We call this experience the BAZAAR – Market Day! Students will learn about economics and business in order to prepare for the BAZAAR. Bradford money will be earned as students do the important job of being a good student! Companies will learn about financial records, scarcity, advertising, supply and demand, and how costly it is to run a small business!

Work contracts will be sent home by Jan. 29. Contracts will be for students to earn the raw materials needed for production. (More information will be on the way once we create product plans and supply lists.) On February 3, all raw materials are needed at school, for production will begin that school day. Students will soon find out that everything costs money. They will be charged Bradford $ for supplies, electricity, water, space rental, building use, and advertising during our business hours. The children will learn about working together and about the real world of money.

(Thanks parents for your cooperation and help with this project!)

Raw materials due from home – Feb. 3

Production Days at school – Feb. 3-10

Market Day- Feb. 11

Economics Unit Speakers

As stated above, we are going to be talking about many aspects of economics. If you or someone in your family work in the field and would like to come speak, we'd love to have you! We're looking for anyone with experience in market research, owning a business, finances, etc. Send me an email if you're interested!

Reading Assessments

In third grade, students take DIBELS, MAP, TRC, & PARCC.

Some of the skills that you can reinforce at home using nonfiction, poetry, and fiction materials are:

Main Idea and Supporting Details: Students should be able to summarize the main idea in one or two sentences when asked what an article or chapter is about. With nonfiction, discuss what they think the main idea of the article is about and how it relates to the title. With fiction, discuss what the main idea of the chapter was. With both genres, have your child go back into the reading and find details that support the main idea. Make comparisons to similar texts.

Inferencing: After reading, ask your child questions where he/she will have to “read between the lines.” For example: Why do you think the author chose this setting? Why do you think the character’s relationship with his brother is so important? How do you know the main character is sad? Then discuss how to find these answers by using clues in the story. Make comparisons to similar texts.

Sequencing: Have your child retell the important events from a fiction book in order. We have discussed that the most important events should always relate in some way to the main character - what the character is doing or what is happening to him/her. These events should be described with “doing words” (verbs). Being able to retell the important events is vital to summarization skills.

Due Dates

Raw materials due from home – Feb. 3

Production Days at school – Feb. 3-10

Market Day- Feb. 11

Thursday, 1/14 - Reading homework #15, poetry reading #15, & spelling test.

1/21 – Adventure book pick slip due.

2/26 – Adventure map and speech due.