Disney Dispatch

Welcome Back Edition

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Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! We are looking forward to having our halls filled with smiles and laughter.

In this edition of the Disney Dispatch, we have included some excerpts from our Family Handbook to help with the start of school. Our Family Handbook can be located on our school website. We hope you find the resource helpful as it can be a reference to you regarding procedures here at Walt Disney.

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School Operational Times

Office Hours: 8:05 AM-4:00 PM

8:50 Student arrival

8:50 Breakfast is available in the cafeteria until 9:05 A.M.

9:00 Student academic day begins

3:25 Dismissal for parents picking up students

3:30 Bus Dismissal Begins

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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

When you bring your child to school, or pick your child up from school:

o All visitors must use the south side door (main parking lot) – Entrance #1.

o It is necessary for you to come to the Main Office and sign your child in or out.

o If you are picking your child up, or have asked someone else to pick up your child for you, you MUST notify the Main Office.

o 3:00 PM is the last timeframe to pick your child up early from school, with exceptions of emergencies. After 3:00 PM, parents/guardians will be directed to the Cafeteria to wait for dismissal at 3:25PM. This allows for order and safety in the classrooms.

o If your child will be arriving late, or picked up early, please send in a note the day before the event, or call the Main Office at 247-3151.

Visitor Policy

The Board of Education encourages parents and other community members to visit the District’s schools and classrooms to observe the work of students, teachers and other staff. Since schools are a place of learning and working, certain limits must be set for such visits. The building principal or his or her designee is responsible for all persons in the building and on the grounds. Parents or visitors who wish to visit or have lunch with their child while school is in session are required to arrange such visits 24 hours in advance with the building principal or his or her designee, unless the visit is part of a planned event sponsored by the teacher or the school. Notification is required so the safety and welfare of your child is protected, learning is maximized and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

o All visitors MUST have their photo ID scanned in the Main Office. Badges must be worn on the outside of your clothing for identification in the building.

o If you are not wearing a visitor badge, you will be stopped in the hallway and asked to come to the Main Office. This is a very important security and safety issue, and we appreciate your cooperation with this precaution.

o Upon leaving, visitors must sign out in the main office and return their badges.

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PTO Corner

Have you been looking for a volunteer opportunity with evening hours at Walt Disney? The WDPTO Board is made up of parents and teachers. We meet once a month, in the early evenings, to discuss the agendas for general PTO meetings, look at PTO finances, decide where to use the monies and plan family and school-wide events.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact our PTO President, Katie Ferrara (katherine_ferrara@gateschili.org). She can help you get started in planning the future of Walt Disney Elementary!

PTO Meetings begin at 4:30 PM in the library.

September 12th October 17th November 14th January 16th

February 13th March 13th April 10th May 15th

PTO Niagara Chocolate Candybars for Sale

Our PTO is selling Niagara Chocolate Candybars to help support our students. A flyer will be coming home soon. They are $1 a bar. We have an assortment of flavors.
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PTO Save Around Book

This school year we will NOT be sending home Save Around Rochester Books. However, if you would like to purchase books please send $25 cash or check, made out to Walt Disney PTO, and a note to school with your child. The office will fill your request as soon as possible. Below is a glance at the coupons this book offers. The money from these wonderful books goes towards funding field trips for your child.

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Meet the Teacher Nights

Come on your specific grade-level night and see your children's teachers! See where your children spend their days.

Note the date and time:

September 19th, 6 PM - UPK through 2nd Grade

September 20th, 6 PM - 3rd through 5th Grade

School Food Services Information

Elementary Breakfast Price: $1.50

Reduced Price Breakfast: $.25

Milk: $.50.

Elementary Lunch Price: $2.90

Reduced Price Lunch: $.25

Milk: $.50

The federally mandated changes to portion sizes and food offerings are still in place for the 2018-2019 school year. The biggest being that a student MUST HAVE a fruit or vegetable on both their breakfast & lunch tray to receive the school lunch Value Pricing, Reduced Pricing or Free Meal benefit.

Prepayment for Meals: Students may prepay for both breakfast and lunch meals. Elementary/Secondary breakfast for 5 days is $7.50, 10 days is $15.

Elementary/Secondary lunch - 5 days is $14.50; 10 days is $29.

(Checks can be made out to Gates Chili School Nutrition.)

MY PAYMENTS PLUS: www.mypaymentsplus.com

Many families choose to prepay for school meals. Prepaying is easier with My Payments Plus. My Payments Plus allows prepayment for school meals online. All that is needed to set-up an account is the child’s Student ID Number. The student ID MUST be 7 digits; leading zeros are necessary for those ID numbers that are less than 7 digits. If your child’s number is not 7 digits, add zeros to the beginning. EXAMPLE: 2323 ID must be used as 0002323. This is a FREE service. Student account balances may be checked through this service. A 30-day purchase history for each student is also available on this website. Parents will be able to review their child’s buying habits and see exactly how the money has been spent.

At all schools, students may prepay for both meals and snacks. Deposits will be made into each student’s Point of Sale Debit Account. When possible include a Student Name and ID number on the check.

School Nutrition on the WEB: The school lunch menu will continue to be available on the School Nutrition Page of the Gates Chili Website. The a la carte price list will also be found there along with any "school nutrition news."

FREE and REDUCED Priced Meal Applications:

New Applications will be mailed home to families in the district around the first week of August. Additional copies will be provided in each building’s main office to have available.

EXTRA FEATURE: The Free & Reduced Application may be completed online. The link to the on-line application can be found on the School Nutrition portion of the District Web Page and will go live in mid August.

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Birthday Celebrations

Please be advised that we do not celebrate birthdays with food, as per District policy.

Here are some alternatives to help your child celebrate:

o Birthday pencils

o Small favors such as erasers or stickers

o A book to add to the Classroom Library or purchase two with one going to the birthday child!

Code of Conduct and Character

The Gates Chili Code of Conduct and Code of Character is sent home annually to all families. It can be found on the District web-site. Students are taught the Code of Conduct in formal and informal ways throughout the school year, beginning in the first month of school. Instruction in the Code of Conduct is grounded in the values of The Spartan Way and introduced in a developmentally-appropriate way to students. The Spartan Way values are: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Hard Work.

The Code of Conduct describes the rules for maintaining a safe and respectful school environment. The Code of Conduct applies to all members of our School community, including students, staff, parents and visitors. For a complete introduction and detailed information, please see the Code of Conduct at www.gateschili.org.

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DASA Information

This act states that:

“No student shall be subjected to harassment by employees or students on school property or at a school function; nor shall any student be subjected to discrimination based on a person’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity or expression), or sex by school employees or students on school property or at a school function.”

Questions regarding our school DASA coordinator can be forwarded to Mrs. Damelio the principal, or her liaisons: Mrs. Mucino, assistant principal, Mrs. Salphine, the school psychologist, and Mrs. Cypressi, school caseworker. All can be reached at the school phone: 247-3151.

Title 1 Parent Involvement

Walt Disney Elementary School recognizes that parents play an integral role in helping their children achieve high academic standards. Consistent with the parent involvement goals of Title 1, Part A of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB):

1. The Building Principal and appropriate staff shall convene an annual meeting to inform parents of the school’s participation in Title 1 funded programs, and to explain Title 2 requirements and the right of the parents to be involved

2. The school staff shall offer parents additional opportunities to meet and otherwise participate in their child’s education.

3. The school will provide parents with timely information about Title 1 funded programs.

4. The school staff shall involve parents, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of Title 1 funded programs.

Student Academic Achievement School-Parent Compact—To help our children achieve, we agree to abide by the following:

School Responsibilities – The school will:

· Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment.

· Hold parent-teacher conferences - during these conferences, this compact will be discussed as it relates to your child’s academic achievement.

· Provide parents with frequent reports on their child’s progress.

· Provide parents reasonable access to staff.

· Provide parents with opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and to observe classroom activities.

*please refer to the Walt Disney Family Handbook to review the full Title 1 Parental Involvement School Level Plan*

Welcome Back Picnic

A Look Ahead...

September 19th (UPK -2nd), 6 PM - Meet the Teacher Night

September 20th (3rd - 5th), 6 PM - Meet the Teacher Night

September 28th - Disney Pride Day!

October 5th - No School (Superintendent Conference Day)

October 8th - No School (Holiday)