Computer Lab Ideas

November 2013

All grades

Kid Pix or Paint - Design a flag

Students design a flag that represent them. Student can use either Kid Pix or Paint to design their flag.

Older students can write about their flag. Why they picked the colors, the symbols, and the shape of the flag? Why do they feel the flag represents them?

Go to for facts about flags.

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Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Kidspiration - I am thankful...

Student use Kidspiration to fill out this activity. I have created a template for the students. They will open Kidspiration select Reading and Writing then look for "Thankful". Students can change the picture in the center to match them. Student click in each box and write one thing that they are thankful for. Students can add and remove boxes.
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3rd - 5th Grade

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Open up Word and have your students use one of the following writing prompts. They can add clip art after they finish writing.

  1. Write a made-up story about Thanksgiving using the following words: turkey, family, football, and happiness.

  2. What would happen if you got so full of food on Thanksgiving that you could hardly move? What would your family say?

  3. After hearing the phone ring, you pick it up to talk to the person on the other line. Only, it's not a person calling at all, it's the Thanksgiving turkey! What does the turkey have to say and how do you respond?

  4. Who is the most interesting person you've talked with at a Turkey Day dinner? Was it a distant relative? A family friend? What made him or her so unique?

  5. What is your favorite food to eat on Turkey Day and why is it your top choice? What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food and why don't you like it?

  6. You have gone back in time to the first Turkey Day! How is the inaugural holiday different from the way your family celebrates the holiday?

  7. How would your Turkey Day feast be different if you had to cook all the food yourself? Who would you ask to help you and why?

  8. What are you the most thankful for this year and why are you so grateful? What do you think your family members are the most thankful for?

  9. At the first Turkey Day, the American Indians helped the pilgrims to find and grow food for a feast. Who is someone who has helped you to do something? How did you thank this person for his or her help?

  10. Continue this story. She opened the cupboards and let out a scream. You rushed over to help and looked. Someone had taken every last bit of food on Thanksgiving morning. The holiday was ruined, unless you could come up with a plan...

Creating QR codes - labeling parts of a cell

Use QR codes to describe the parts of a cell. Student review cell parts while learning how to create QR codes.

Go to to create QR codes. Make sure to pick plain text. After the text is entered, click download code then push the open button. Right click to code and choose copy then go to PowerPoint and paste the code.

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Contact your friendly ITRT for help with any of the lessons you see here or any ideas you have for a lesson. :)

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