Two Week 2nd Grade Newsletter

May 2nd - May 20th


5/13 PE Fun Run (9:40-9:50 2nd Girls. 9:50-10:00 2nd Boys)

5/20 Field Day

5/21 Choir Performance at Sandy Lake Park

5/24 Texas Motor Speedway field trip

5/26 Night of No Limits 6pm

5/9 - 5/11 STAAR Testing- no visitors on campus

5/30 Memorial Day

6/1- Awards assembly

6/2- Early Release at 12:15

6/3 Early Release at 12:15


L.A. – this week, students are reading 2 different stories and comparing them. How are they similar? How are they different? We will be taking a comprehension test on Wednesday.

Next week starts our end of the year testing.

S.S. – For the remainder of the year, we will be continuing looking at maps and continents, as well as the different types of communities – suburban, urban, rural.


Spelling: - For the remainder of the year, we will be reviewing blends.

MATH: Module 11 Subtraction and Fractions

This week we will be working with three digit subtraction strategies with no regrouping. It is important that we practice these strategies for when we practice regrouping in module 12.

Later in Module 11, we will be extending our learning over fractions.

Check out our strategies we will be using below!

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SCIENCE: Butterflies

Our caterpillars are about to form their chrysalis!

We are still studying the anatomy of a butterfly, the life cycle of a butterfly, and what it takes to create a successful butterfly garden.

The students will be researching in groups to create a butterfly guide for next year's second graders.

Project Overview: Students will explore the relationship between plants and animals and discover the various host plants needed to sustain a butterfly and its larva. Then, they will design a butterfly guide on how to build a butterfly garden. A final butterfly guide will be chosen to present to the first grade classes.

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summer camp!

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