Local Area Network

This is a group of linked computers in a small place such as a School or Office.

Useful or sharing resources such as files, printers etc.

LAN's connect to other LAN's for global emailing.

Can share data files, access work on the network, different levels of access.

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Wide Area Network

This covers a large area such as a state or a country.

Normally connects multiple smaller networks such as LAN's

Can be used to share data files, video conference, e-commerce, allow access to database etc.

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Client & Server

This is when a computer acts as a central source for the others. This central computer would have a faster processor, more RAM, Larger amount of backing storage(Hard Drive).


The client station runs programmes on its own but has to have contact with the server to get files or to share resources.

Shared resources include Printers, CD-ROMs, a database or access to the internet.


Stores programs & data files that can be accessed by the client stations.

Users login with Username & Password.

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Benefits of Network

Files cannot be tampered with because users have restricted access,

Data files can be shared,

Central Back-up of files,

Stations can be managed remotely,

Communication is improved,

Personal work is saved in private spaces on Hard Drives,

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Features & Functions of email.

Setting up a address book, so you can send emails to a people fast & easily.

Setting up a mailing list, so you can send a email to a specific group regularly.



The internet is made up of server computers distributed across the world.

WWW features include,

Web Pages,



Search Engines.