Wetlands are found in almost every kind of environment.

Three Kinds Of Swamps.

  • Shallows water swamp the ground stay moist all year.
  • Deep water swamps form rivers and are flood at certain seasons
  • There also saltwater swamps that develop along the seacoast of tropical areas.


Bogs have such an acid environmental little that falls into them decays.Human and animals remains dating back 5000 year or more as well as many ancient artifacts have been found in bogs and have given researchers many clue to past.


The peat contain large amount of water which makes walking on a bog feel like walking on an air mattress.


A wetland is an area of land where the soil is saturated with water or covered by shallow pool of water for long sometimes indefinite periods of time.
A wide variety of plant and animals make their home in wetlands.Many animals live in wetlands the year round

How they are being destroyed?

  • Wetlands have disappeared since 1900
  • 50% of the wetlands that once exist have disappeared
  • World population explosion
  • Arid rain and other industrial
  • Dam and irrigation methods
  • We built building over wetlands

Wetlands animals

  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Mammals
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles

Wetlands plants

  • Soft rush
  • Red top
  • Iris
  • Swamps mallow
  • Cattail