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Week of October 19, 2015

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7th CMS C vs Coppell West Middle - L 37-6

7th CMS B vs Coppell West Middle - W 19-6

7th CMS A vs Coppell West Middle - W 39-20

8th CMS B vs Coppell West Middle - W 35-6

8th CMS A vs Coppell West Middle - W 19-0

Boy's Athletic Newsletter

Change for October 26th Board Meeting

The location for the October 26th Board Meeting will be at GMS.

Dropping off items

Parents, the office staff will no longer be responsible for notifying and/or reminding students of dropped off items needed during or after school such as lunches, homework, clothes, and binders.

Please understand that we are trying to limit interruptions to the educational environment. Please tell your student that if they forgot an item or called you to bring something, they need to check the bookcase outside the office during passing periods. Thank you for your help in securing and limiting interruptions to classrooms.

CMS Math Club!!

Does your child enjoy numbers and manipulating them or competing against others? Do you want them to be more successful on the SAT or ACT? Then Math Club is for them!

CMS has a five year tradition of championships at both the regional and state level with both MathCounts and the state Texas Math and Science Coaches Association. Math Club meets every Friday after school from 3:30 until 5:00 p.m. in Mr. Morgan's room, room 205. Weekly topics include number sense, general math, and calculator.

Membership dues, which includes snacks and drinks at each meeting plus the club t-shirt, are $50 and should be made payable to CMS.


Have you ever wondered what Colt PRIDE is all about? Check out our blog post

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 19th

Tuesday, October 20th

Wednesday, October 21st

Band - Fall Concert

Thursday, October 22nd

Volleyball vs Dawson Middle School at Dawson

7th B Team - 5 pm

8th C Team - 5 pm

7th A Team - 6 pm

8th C Team - 6 pm

7th B Team - 7 pm

8th A Team - 7 pm

Friday, October 23rd


Monday, October 26th

School Board Meeting will be held at GMS

Spring Testing

Please note the following 2016 dates for Spring STAAR Testing:

March 29, Writing, Grade 7

March 29, Math, Grade 8

March 30, Reading, Grade 8

May 2-6, Algebra I, Grade 8

May 9, Math, Grades 6,7

May 10, Reading, Grades 6,7

May 11, Science, Grade 8

May 12, Social Studies, Grade 8

Grapevine Christmas Parade will be on Thursday, December 3rd!!


The Colt Crew is made up of CMS dads whose mission is to meet and greet as many students as possible on Friday mornings so the kids can start their day off in a positive way with a handshake, smile, pat on the back and "have a great day" greeting! That's it….very simple.

This program provides a way for CMS dads to 'give a hand' with the kids at school. At the same time, they get to meet key CMS staff members and interact with other CMS dads.

The program is modeled off the successful Grateful Dads program at Grapevine High School that has already spread to Heritage Middle, Colleyville Heritage High, Timberline Elementary, Cross Timbers Middle, and Grapevine Elementary.

If you are interested in be part of the Colt Crew, please email Mindy McClure, CMS VP of Volunteers, at


Students and staff at CMS are stacking the books that each reads for the 25 book challenge. Students are recording the books that they have read through their ELA classes on a specific form. If you want to join us, email me at and I will send you a form. The 25 Book Challenge will end in May.

Recommended Genre Categories:

Realistic fiction - 4

Historical fiction - 2

Fantasy - 3

Science fiction - 1

Mystery - 1

Informational - 4

Poetry anthologies - 2

Biography, autobiography, and/or memoir - 2

Free choice - 6

This is only a recommendation for each genre, but we do want to encourage students to read from all genres.

Hearing, Vision and Acanthosis Nigricans Screening

Hearing, Vision and Acanthosis Nigricans screening of all 7th graders during Social Studies classes on Wednesday, October 21st. Please send your student with their glasses to school and ask them to bring them to the screening.

Nurse Martin Tips


Here’s to hoping this doesn’t hit your house! Just in case it does… here is the down and dirty on how to deal with it!

Vomiting: A Few Common Causes

There are dozens of conditions that can lead to vomiting or nausea, but there are a few more common causes.

  • Gastroenteritis: This is what most of us call the stomach flu (though it’s not related to influenza). Gastroenteritis can be caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites – and often leads to diarrhea and vomiting in adults and kids.

  • Food allergies and irritations: Although any food can provoke a reaction, several in particular tend to cause most food allergies, including eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat, and fish. Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain can occur within minutes or hours after ingesting the offending food.

  • Anxiety and stress: Worries about the new school year, tension about the big game, pressures at work -- all kinds of emotional upsets can lead to nausea and vomiting, though this tends to happen more often with adults or older children.

  • The flu and other illness: A few other common reasons kids or adults might have nausea or vomiting include ear infections, seasonal flu, swine flu, acid reflux, and reactions to medication.

  • Eating too much: Many people, especially kids, may eat too much at a holiday dinner or a fair without realizing it, and then throw up.

  • Food poisoning: Undercooked meats, dairy products, or foods that have been out too long can lead to food poisoning, usually caused by bacteria. Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramps are other common symptoms of food poisoning.

That’s a lot of reasons to throw up. But “across the board the most common cause for vomiting is probably infection -- gastroenteritis,” says Tanya Altmann MD, a California pediatrician.

Vomiting: Why We Do It

In general, we vomit so we can eliminate potentially toxic stuff from our body, whether that’s bad food or bad germs. To narrow things down to the specific reason you or your kids are vomiting you’ll need to decipher symptoms. For example, is there fever, cough, or diarrhea along with the vomiting? “Then it might be stomach virus,” says Scott Cohen, MD. When there aren’t helpful symptoms as a guide “you start looking into things like timing,” said Cohen. Does the vomiting happen after you eat? It could be reflux, maybe a peptic ulcer. Did you experience nausea or vomiting eight or more hours after a meal? It might be food poisoning.

Preventing Vomiting and Nausea

Although there’s nothing much you can do for many of the reasons behind vomiting, you can tackle the chief culprit: gastroenteritis, which causes inflammation in the stomach, and small and large intestines.

The viruses that cause some gastroenteritis are spread through close contact with infected people, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The viruses make their way easily from person to person and can be passed around through shared food, water, and eating utensils.

To prevent viral gastroenteritis and the vomiting that often goes with it, the CDC suggests:

  • Wash your hands often, including after you use the bathroom or change diapers.

  • Use alcohol-based hand rubs when soap and water aren’t available.

  • Disinfect contaminated surfaces with bleach-based cleaners.

  • Be sure food is stored, cooked, prepared, and served hygienically.

Most of these precautions offer another benefit: They can help you and your kids avoid seasonal influenza and swine flu.

Home Care for Vomiting, Nausea, and Stomach Upsets

Intestinal blockages, appendicitis, ulcers -- some dramatic problems can be behind vomiting, nausea, or stomach upsets. So it’s important to talk with your doctor about nausea and vomiting, says Young.

Still there are home-care tips that can help before -- and after -- you reach your doctor:

  • The most important thing is hydration, says Cohen. “After vomiting, you want to wait 30 to 60 minutes before you put anything in the stomach.” After the tummy has had a little time to settle, offer a teaspoon of liquids. If that stays down, offer another teaspoon a few minutes later. “Think small amounts frequently instead of large amounts all at once,” Cohen suggests.

  • Hold off on solid foods until it’s been six hours since the last vomiting episode. Then try bland, easily digested foods like crackers, toast, or gelatin. Once those are tolerated, move slowly to cereals, rice, and then start salty or high-protein, high-carbohydrate foods, but avoid spicy or fatty foods. The experts warn that two common mistakes parents make when caring for a child who has been vomiting is giving solids or liquids too soon, and letting the child have as much as the child wants. Go slow.

  • Antihistamines can help prevent vomiting and nausea due to motion sickness, and antiemetic medicines may help relieve the nausea and vomiting sometimes caused by bacteria or stomach irritation. Cohen suggests avoiding antiemetics for treating a child’s vomiting due to viral gastroenteritis.

  • Finally, if you’re dealing with tummy pain or upset, “acetaminophen (Tylenol) typically does not work,” says Young. “And ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) can sometimes make stomach pain worse if the pain is caused by an ulcer.

Red Flags: When to See a Doctor for Vomiting

You should always talk to your pediatrician when children are hit by vomiting, nausea, or stomachaches. Symptoms that warrant going to the doctor immediately include:

  • Dehydration (especially likely in children)

  • Vomit with blood in it

  • Vomiting with fever that’s lasted more than 72 hours

  • Vomiting with focal abdominal pain -- when it hurts in one spot of the belly, as may occur with appendicitis

  • Chest pain

  • Severe abdominal pain or cramping

  • Blurred vision

  • Fainting

  • Confusion

  • Cold, clammy, pale skin

  • High fever and stiff neck

  • Fecal material or fecal odor in the vomit

“Finally, trust your gut feeling,” says Young. “An astute parent is better than any doctor, because you spend more time with your child than doctors or nurses.”

Nurse Martin

Counselor Corner


SKYWARD APP - Please make sure that you are checking Skyward. You can download the Skyward app for your phone or for your student’s phone so you can monitor grades. Students can use their Skyward login to create the account, and that way students con see their grades constantly. The end of the 9 weeks is October 16. Report cards and update STAAR results will be sent home Thursday, October 22.



Bobby Bragan applications are due to their English teacher or counseling department by Friday, November 13. Please check the counseling website for the Bobby Bragan link or call the counseling department if you have questions.


For those of you that weren’t able to make last Tuesday’s presentation, here is the link to watch the video of the presentation.


Wednesday, October 21 – Unity Day Wear Orange

Monday, October 26 - Friday, October 30 – Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, October 27 – Mix It Up Lunch

Tuesday, October 27 – College Night @ CHHS 6:00-8:00


Guidance Lessons with Counselors:

October 21 – 7th grade - Science

October 28 – 8th grade – English

All Stars with Santa Fe Youth Organization – 6th grade every Thursday through PE

Krystal McCure – Counselor A-K – 817-305-4916

Stefanie Chapman – Counselor L-Z – 817-305-4917

Shari Vanderwork – Registrar – 817-305-4955

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Please see counseling office for the full application!!

Student Newsletter

Here is the link for the Student Newsletter that is done entirely by CMS Students.

Thank you to Sherry David for overseeing and helping to make this happen!

Quote of the Week

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Principal Points

Just finished up the first nine weeks. Woohoo!! It has gone by fast!!

October 26 - 30 will be Red Ribbon Week. The PAL's have put together a great week of additional learning and fun for the students at CMS. Each day of the week will have a dress up theme along with things to do and learn regarding saying no to drugs. Just needing your help parents to ensure students arrive to school dressed for the theme and still meeting the student code of conduct for dress code. I am looking forward to Red Ribbon Week!!


Ryan Martin

CMS Principal