How to Escape Cerberus.

Cerberus, The Three Headed Dog That Guards The Underworld

Who Is Cerberus

Cerberus is Hades dog that guards the gates to the Underworld. Round-the-clock security is provided by our highly trained watchdog, Cerberus. If Cerberus was your pet, and you leave something at home. Nobody is leaving on Cerberus's watch.

Materials You Should Bring Along.

You should bring some stuff with you, you should bring a light, not heavy bag such as a satchel . You should but a red ball to keep distracted, if he is asleep and you try to sneak by but he wakes up, he will look mad, right? When he starts to walk towards you. You should pull out the red ball, hold it until he notice's. When he dose trow it to the side with more space, if not, the opposite direction your going. You could also do this procedure with meat. You Should also bring along a portable music player ready with a lullaby song, the sing the lyrics yourself.

Steps You Should Take

1. Try to sneak pass Cerberus (Only works if sleeping, if he is already up start at step 2)

2. If he sees you open your satchel, and pull out your red ball, Do not even attempt to trow it before he notices the ball in your hand.

3. When Cerberus sees the ball, trow it in the opposite or just away from the direction you are going.

4. When he runs after it, run to your destination

(Only do the following steps if the first four did not work.)

5. Alright so that didn't work, so you should open up your satchel and pull out your portable music device.

6. Put on the beat to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or any other lullaby song you know.

7. Start singing the song and he should fall asleep. He May Be Look Vicious but a lullaby makes him sleep like a puppy.


To sum it all up Cerberus is a protector of the underworld. He guards the gates and is owned by Persephone and Hades the rulers of the underworld.