September Band Newsletter

Information and Updates!

Important Schedule Change!

Our spring concert is now on Thursday 5/25, due to a conflict with another school. This is before Memorial Day weekend. Please keep this date clear when planning your travel arrangements.

Upcoming Performances!

Our first performance opportunity is Saturday, October 8th. We will be performing the National Anthem with Elkton Middle School at Elkton High School's Golden Elk Showcase! Report times will be sent home with permission forms, but plan for 3:30-4PM. Entrance into the showcase will be free and it would be great to enjoy some of the local marching bands who have been working hard on their shows this year!

8th Graders

Do not forget that you must attend ONE Elkton High School football game to perform in the stands. Information was sent home on 9/14. 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, and 11/4 are your opportunities to attend.

Celebrations for September

Mistakes are expected, inspected, respected and corrected!

Studies Show...

That students who practice deliberately in places where they make mistakes, learn faster and more efficiently than those who tend to gloss over their mistakes. Find your trouble spots, listen to feedback, and learn from those mistakes!

Contact Information

Please make sure that your child turned in their band contract on the last page of the handbook. I need all of your contact information!