Welcome to 8th Grade

Class of 2021

Arrival Procedures

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Health Screening

This is required DAILY.

Hey Guys!

We are so excited to be your teachers for one exciting and interesting year. Although you all have been Spartans for 2 years now, this year will feel brand new. We want you to know it's ok to be confused and we are here to help answer any questions you may have. Here we have some information that will be helpful throughout the year!

Important Links

School Calendar

Please note: you will only go to school if your group is scheduled for that day

Contact Us

Mr. Rogers Zoom Link

passcode: 321995

Mr. Mueller Zoom Link

Passcode: mueller

Mr. Malfetano Zoom Link

Passcode: 123456

Ms. Thomas


Mr. Itturalde Zoom LInk

Passcode: 3C6eZ3