The Fault In Our Stars Review

By Linda

Book Review

The plot

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a typical 16 year old girl with only one problem: she suffers from cancer. She attends support group because she is forced to, but obviously doesnt enjoy it. Her mum and dad both encourage her to make the most out of her life, until one day, a gorgeous twist named Augustus Waters enters support group and meets Hazel. They become close friends and eventually go to Amsterdam together to meet Hazels' favourite author: Peter Van Houten, writer of her favourite book: An Imperial Affliction and to ask him questions. Once they get back and have a few more weeks of their close bond, it's time up for Augustus who dies at the young age of 17.

My opinion

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, is a moving and captivating story. Although the book is sad, it still put a smile on my face in some hilairious scenes. The book definitely took me and informed me about life with cancer and without Augustus, the book couldn't get any sadder, but it was still phenomenal. John explained the story so well and since it wasnt really real, the storyline was explained as if it was.

About John Green

John Green is an Award winning New York Times bestselling Author. He has won many Awards during his writing years including The Printz Medal, The Printz Medal and the Edgar Award. He has been in the finals for the LA times book prize twice, which is something he would've been proud of. He has a brother named Hank, and with him, John is one of the most popular projects in the world! John has a wife and son; with them, he lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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