Rilke Schule

March 30, 2020

Hello all,

It has been a very challenging three weeks since many of us have seen each other in person. All of the Rilke Schule staff look forward to the day we can get back into the classroom and resume classes together again. Until then, our teachers and teacher assistants have been working hard to prepare for our new distance learning adventure during the extended school closure.

The distance delivery model that Rilke will be utilizing was designed to be flexible and simple as possible for students and families to assist their child(ren). We will be using Zoom for online meetings and office hours and Canvas for activities, lessons, and submission of student work.

Our instruction will primarily focus on English/Language Arts, Math and German. Specialist teachers have created activities for students to engage in at home, as well.

We are all in this together. Rilke understands that learning from home through a distance delivery model will take some time getting used to. Rilke Schule staff is dedicated to support our families along every step of this adventure together.

If you experience difficulties, please reach out to your classroom teacher or Herr Barr.

Rilke Schule Staff Office Hours Expectations

  • Staff office hours are not for parent teacher conferences.
  • Staff office hours are dedicated time for staff to assist parents/students through issues and assignments.
  • Staff office hours will be identified on the respective teachers’ canvas and on the Rilke website starting on Tuesday, March 31st
  • Staff office hours are optional for students/families

ASD Student Access Information

You can access the following resources by going to and clicking on


• Canvas Login

• APEX Login

• Student Zoom

Distance Learning Tips for Students

- Set daily/weekly goals

- Make a study plan

- Manage time carefully

- Find a quiet space to eliminate distractions

- Limit social media

- Use online resources

- Be mentally engaged

- Take notes

- Take breaks

- Stay healthy

- Ask questions

- Reward yourself when completing an assignment or task

ASD COVID-19 & Distance Learning Informational Links

ASD resources and information on COVID-19 -

ASD Distance Learning Q&A -

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