Flag Soccer

Jukes+soccer=the best game in the world


-Velcro flags(pinnies tucked in your shorts work)

-Soccer ball

-Two soccer nets

-Decent sized field

Setting up

1: First split up into two even teams

2: Next have each kid put there flags on both of there hips(pinnie on each side)

3: Finally flip a coin or do RPS to see who gets first ball

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How to play

You can play any way you want but what I recommend is that the two teams go on either side of field and have one team start with the ball. The goal is to try and move the ball up the field without getting your flag pulled, then when you're close enough to try and socre. (shoot the ball.) The team with the most goals at the end of the period wins.


1: Flags must be at hips

2: Must give pulled flags back right away

3: Turn the ball over when a flag is pulled

4: Can shoot with NO flag if your close enough(TBD)

5: One goalie allowed

6: Only feet on the ball

7: No contact at all(pull a flag to get the ball)

8: CAn not steal ball, you have to get their flag

Saftey Concerns

Some safety concerns are to make sure that you don't pull down the person's shorts when you try to get their flag. All the other concerns are common sense like trying not to run into other people and things like that.

After The Game

Remember that this is just for fun. Don't be upset about it and don't get in a fight with your friends. I hope you enjoyed this easy fun game i've invented.

Other Variations

To check out some other variations of soccer(4 corner soccer, 6 ball soccer.) go to www.soccervariations.ca/davidsmith/howto