The Raft

Jasmine Wissert

What happened from the first chapter to the plane crash?

Robie was visiting her Aunt from Honolulu. She got to stay with her Aunt AJ for a month, Aj had to go to LA for a week and left Robie home alone. Robie got scared and wanted to go home, she went to the supply ship that was heading to Midway, she didn't tell anyone where she was going. Robie got to the supply ship, she was not weighed. Robie was riding in the plane but suddenly the plane had turbulence and Max, the co-pilot, gave robie the raft and told her to jump. Robie got pushed out of the plane, she landed in the water but got stuck under the raft, Max pulled her out from under the raft.

What happened on the raft?

The morning after the crash they were on the raft, Max was still sleeping, he had a big gash on his head and Robie decided to clean the wound. Robie started to get hungry so she reached in Max's ditty bag she saw a diary a pamphlet and skittles, she ate the deformed skittle so when Max got up he wouldn't care that she went through his personal belongings. There was a leak in the boat, Robie had to fix the leak, she pushed Max off the raft with a life jacket, so he wouldn't drown, and and she had to get off to fix it, while she was getting off she panicked because she didn't want to get in the water. She lost the ditty bag in the water for a second then caught it, she had lost the skittles though, and the raft drifted 50 yards away. She swam for it and almost didn't catch it, she realized while all of this was going on she had lost Max, then Max came back. One night a rescue drone was coming while Max was sleeping she didn't want to wake him so she got out he flare from the coastal commander bag and lit it, it was the wrong flare, so she got out the other flare while doing this she knocked over the ditty bag along with her flashlight. The next day she saw something, it was a island, so she paddled with her hands and let the drifting do the rest she was headed for the reef, that was the only way to get to the island, so she braced herself for a rough ride.

What happened on the island?

Robie woke up with her hair attached to a bush and her eye swollen shut. She didn't see Max or the raft. She was walking on the beach when she found a pile of wood and scraps, she started to collect lighters, none of them worked but she was going to find one that worked. She was looking for lighters when she found the raft and Max, it was shredded to pieces, she took him to where she was bring the lighters and then she looked for more but found a mother seal that had been bitten by a tiger shark so she killed it to put it out of its misery and pushed it into the ocean, the tiger shark got it. Then she came across the baby and it looked like it had no chance of survival. When she was collecting more lighters she came across a suit that was in the water, she didn't want to go in the water, so Max told her that she had to she got mad and said that Max wasn't real that he was dead since the night of the crash. She finally got into the water grabbed the suit and discovered that there was a dead body in it, the tiger shark was coming Robie and the suit almost made it to shore but the tiger shark got the suit that could had held the beckon. She finally found a lighter that worked and light the fire. The next day she was hoping for rain and she got some, just enough to put out the fire but not enough to drink. She was walking on the beach when she came across the baby seal tangled up in some net, she tried to help it escape but ended up killing it. Robie saw a boat and thought that she was hallucinating so she got closer and realized that it wasn't a hallucination and she went for it. She got to the boat and got checked out by the boat doctor and he helped, he gave her food and water, she got some rest also. Robie spoke to her parents and told them where she was.

Five connections to the book.

The first connection is that I am also a teenage girl just like Robie. The second thing is that I also watch Netflix like she did in the beginning of the book. The third connection is that I have also been on a island like she was. The fourth thing is that I have been in a plane, when she was in that supply airplane. The fifth connection is that I also know a lot about animals, Robie also knows a lot about animals because she lived on Midway for most of her life.