by Igor Simões and Davi Chiappetta

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the Film Crew

1. Executive Producer

He's often the main investor of the project;

2. Director

He's responsible for controlling the flow of the film's plot, the performances of actors and making creative decisions. They can also help the cinematographer with the lighting and the film's soundtrack;

3. Cinematographer and Camera Operator

He's the chief of the camera and lighting crew of the filme. They receive advises from the director or can just follow what he asks;

4. Production Sound Mixer and Boom Operator

He's responsible for recording all sound during filming. He's assistant is the boom operator, who's in charge on holding the microphone to record what the actors say;

5. Production Designer

He's responsible for creating the visual appereance of the film. He works near the director and cinematographer to achieve what look they want for the film;

6. Make-up Artist

The person who maintains the casts hair and makeup during the scene;

7. Supervisor

The person who designes, obtains and maintains the costumes for the project;

8. Special Effects Supervisor

He's in charge of take care of anything that will break, explode, burn, collapse, etc, during the film.


These are only a few members that can be found on a film set. This is a broad overview and not a comprehensive list. This project was based on Mark's project, a Content + Community Manager on Vimeo.
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The types of films


Action movies is the most watched type of films by teenegers. the adrenaline stay high all the movie, with all the explosions and figth scenes its confuded with the adventure genre.


is a story that tells about a series of funny events, intended to make the audience laugh. It is a very open genre, and thus crosses over with many other genres on a frequent basis.


A fantasy story is about magic or supernatural forces. it can be about 100% fiction or can have true history but changed to fiction or supernatural.


This genre sometimes isn't liked so much because it scares the public, but there are some people that like to be scared, and thinks it's funny. in many cases there is some fiction and supérnatural thinks in it.


Traditionally, a romance story involves chilvary, adventure and love. In modern writing, a story about character's relationships(a story about character development and interpersonal relationships rather than adventures). Adults and old people, usualy like more this genre.
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