Community Letter

April 22, 2021

Earth Day is Friday, April 22

Dear LISD Families,

The Great Islands Clean-up is happening on Saturday, April 23. Please consider celebrating Earth Day by participating in this event as a family. Meet at 10 a.m. at Lopez Village Park to pick up trash collection equipment and receive beach and roadway assignments. Then just bring your collected trash back to Lopez Solid Waste by 2 p.m.

LISD elementary students have been celebrating Earth month by picking up litter around the school grounds. Secondary students made hats out of trash and other discarded items, had a fashion show with the hats, and participated in a recycling sorting competition. Thanks to Larissa Pedersen from LISW for helping the ASB plan some fun activities.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

"The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share." -Lady Bird Johnson

All our best,

Mary and Martha

Menu: Week Ending April 29

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Hopefully, 6th and 7th grade parents read the email message on Monday about the Islandwood fieldwork opportunity available to our students. This is very exciting!

Please make sure you AND your student come to the mandatory Islandwood parent meeting:

  • 7th grade, Wednesday, April 27, 5:00 - Becca Hamilton's classroom in the Elementary wing
  • 6th grade, Wednesday, May 4, 5:00 - Library Media Center

We will have information about Islandwood, forms for you to sign, packing lists.....and we will answer all your questions about the trip.

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Plant donations welcome! Volunteers needed!

Please contact Sara Jones (, (360)468-2202 x2300).

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Yearbook Class Photos for Elementary - Monday, April 25, 10:20

Please make sure your children and teens are here for class photos next week. Photos will be taken by the LISD yearbook committee student photographers.

Yearbook Orders

Order your 2022 LISD yearbook HERE. The yearbook committee has been working hard, and this year's YB is going to be amazing!

Kindergarten and 1 Grade Field Trip to North Star Farm

The kindergarten and first grade classes went to North Star Farm last Friday. They were able to meet chicks, newborn lambs, newborn kittens, a young pygmy goat, and learn about honey bees. The first grade has been studying inherited traits, and it was such a great way for them to see which animals had inherited certain traits from their parents! It was an awesome day, and everyone had an amazing time!

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State testing Schedule:

State testing season is upon us. Grades 3, 4, and 5 have started this past week with the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) for English Language Arts. We are proud of their hard work as they began their round of testing.

There are 2 parts to each of the tests.

Here are the rest of the scheduled test dates:

April 26, Grade 3 English Language Arts, Part 2

April 27, Grades 4-5, ELA Part 2 Grades 6-8, 10 and some 11/12 English Language Arts, Part 1

April 29, Grades 6-8, 10, and some 11/12, English Language Arts Part 2

May 2, Grades 3, 4, 5 Math, Part 1

May 3, Grades 6-8, 10, and some 11/12 Math, Part 1

May 4, Grades 3, 4, 5 Math, Part 2

May 5, Grades 6-8, 10, and some 11/12 Math, Part 2

Tests are scheduled for morning sessions of approximately 2 hours. Please be sure that your students are well rested and have a healthy breakfast.. and that their computers are charged up and ready to go as well!.

Please direct any questions to Kathy Booth, District Assessment Coordinator, at

From the School Counselor, Jeanna Carter

Dear Families,

It is good for 11th grade students to take the SAT now if they are planning to go to a four year school that requires SAT or is SAT optional.

Registration information from Collegeboard is below.

There's still time for your students to register for the May and June SAT® administrations.

See SAT Date

Did you know that most students increase their score when they retake the SAT? Encourage your students to take the SAT a second time and send their best score to colleges. For fee waiver–eligible students, there's no additional charge or late fee for registering between the regular and late registration deadlines.

Remaining Spring 2022 Test Dates:

SAT Weekend Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline

May 7

April 8

April 26

June 4

May 5

May 25

Fall registration dates are coming soon!

Productive practice is associated with score increases!

Take advantage of the free SAT practice on Khan Academy®. 11th graders who take the SAT this spring can use the information in their score report and SAT practice to review and study over the summer so they can improve their score if they retake the test in the fall.

Safe Social Media Corner- From Counselor Jeanna Carter

  • Snapchat: Are your kids on Snapchat? Is it a "necessity" because their teams or clubs use it to communicate? Do your kids think the messages actually disappear forever after they no longer see them in their threads? This month we're diving into all the dangers of Snapchat and refining our tips for parents and students to navigate Snapchat for their "needs" while staying safe. We'd love to hear your Snapchat stories of how you worked with a problem on the app with your students. Click here to share with us!
  • Text message apps (Google Messages app and Whats App): Kids just want to connect with their friends...but who else connects with them on messaging apps and why the hurt feelings over blue or green bubbles?
  • Tips to avoid cyberattacks for your family: Your companies and schools likely have steps and systems in place to help defend against cyberattacks, but what should your family think about?

Recent Resources on

Join the Smart Social Facebook communities and share your questions or thoughts with other parents & educators.

Kindergarten Information Night

We had a good turn out on Wednesday, April 20. There were about 8 families and a lot of excitement from the incoming Kindergarten Class of 2035. Lopez Island Preschoolers and the Lopez Island Children's Center took over our Library Media Center for the night. It was fun meeting our new students!

An Interview with Matteus Rabel

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Spotlight on a member of the graduating class of 2022

What clubs/athletics/extracurriculars have you been involved in? I've been in Drama club where we did the One Act Plays, Spanish club where we took a work and study trip to Peru, and I've been part of Community Shakespeare for 10 years.

What is one positive memory from your time here that you’ll carry with you forever? On the Peru trip, each student was assigned to a host family. We were in a room waiting to be introduced to the host family. One by one, I kept watching people get up and leave, and our group got smaller and smaller. I was really nervous and all my Spanish just left my head, but then my host family got there, we met and started talking, and it was the most natural thing in the world!

What is the best piece of advice you have received from a teacher? Time and time again, Richard Carter has repeated this advice. “Do the first thing first. The second thing second….etc.”

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live without…….”: I cannot live without a good book and a friend or two.

What is the most creative excuse you have ever used to get out of school work? I haven’t made excuses. Do the work or don’t, but don’t be wishy washy. Sometimes I’ll miss an assignment or I’m late, and I just admit it.

What is one piece of advice you have for incoming high school students? I would stress that you should use this time and any free time you have to read all the books you can, see all the films you can, look at some art, and take the time ask yourself really good questions about all that you are consuming.

What is the most meaningful assignment ever given to you by a teacher? I suggest you take every assignment you are given, no matter how formulaic or redundant, get creative and give it meaning in order to enjoy the process. You have to add yourself to every assignment, which makes it more enjoyable and doable.

What’s the most important quality in a friendship? Why?: I think the most important quality is honesty. Honesty inspires trust and helps to create a unique bond. It requires initiative to take that leap of faith and create a friendship.

In 10 years, I will be…: In 10 years, I will be just as unable to figure out my future scenario as I am now. My dreams will be forever malleable, no matter what it is I’m pursuing.

Who/what do you find inspiring? I am inspired by those who can sit in absolute silence and observe and learn from those around them. I have trouble achieving that absoluteness.

What song summarizes your feelings about graduating from high school? I don't have one particular song, but I love Anthony Phillips’ work. He does some beautiful work that sounds to me like modern mythology or fairy tale. I think the world could do with a bit more whimsy.

What are your plans after high school? I’m going to attend DePaul University in Chicago and study film making and urban agriculture. There is raise in urban agriculture in Chicago, specifically the conglomeration of small urban gardens. I want to learn from people who are already involved in that movement.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I want to express my gratitude to the Lopez community because I’ve grown up with love and care for nature and for the natural beauties of live. I appreciate the general atmosphere that has been created here and the people who have taught me about the little intricacies of enjoying life.

Parent Partner Program

Please fill out the Parent Partner Intent Form for 2022-2023 by May 6th if you anticipate your child doing Parent Partner classes next school year.

Check out these photos of parent partner projects in art, woodworking, and life skills!

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News From the Lopez Library

Learn How to Be a Citizen Scientist on Lopez
Thursday, May 19th at 6pm

At the Lopez Island Library

Over the last 12 years, the dead bodies of tens of thousands of shore birds have washed onto beaches along the coasts of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. A team of research scientists has been coordinating a citizen science effort to document the shore bird deaths and contribute to the long-term research to help determine the cause. On Thursday, May 19th at 6pm join Julia Parrish, executive director of the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) to learn about beached bird patterns, COASST research, and how to join the citizen science effort on Lopez Island.

Register for the program here

Join the Neurodiversity Reading and Discussion Group

Thursday, May 26th at 6pm

At the Lopez Island Library

Sign up to join a special reading group co-hosted by the Lopez Library and ALIGN (Advocates of Lopez Island Gathering for Neurodiversity) centered around the book Nueroqueer Heresies: Notes on the Neurodiversity Paradigm, Autistic Empowerment, and Postnormal Possibilities by queer autistic author and scholar Nick Walker. The group will read Walker's book and meet for a facilitated discussion on Thursday, May 26th at 6pm at the Lopez Library. The discussion will be facilitated by ALIGN representative Laura Danforth.

Please pre-register here to receive a free copy of the book in advance, and save the date to join the in-person discussion on Thursday, May 26th at 6pm at the Lopez Library.

Malia Sanford

Library Programs Manager

Lopez Island Library

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Earth Day Round Up!

LISD ASB hosted a recycle challenge to honor Earth Day.

Woodshop students delivered and installed the sheds they built for Housing Lopez!

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Golf Orcas

Lopez athletes teed off against Orcas in an epic match.
Lopez athletes teed off against Orcas in an epic match.

Golf Loomis Trail

Lummi hosted Lopez at one of the top 100 golf courses in the US, Loomis Trails GC Tuesday, May 19. Although they had no women’s team, six of our women and eight of our men competed, with Ananda Velo earning first place. Awesome job!

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From the Nurse's Corner

Parents/guardians, that this is a good time to review your childrens' immunization records. If there are immunizations not up to date, the summer is a good time to make an appointment at the pediatricians' office to catch up. Please be sure, with summer activity ramping up, that your child's Tetanus immunization is up to date.

There will also be a San Juan County immunization clinic in August. Look for the information soon to come out so you can save the date. This will be held at the school. The date and time is to be determined. Check the San Juan County website at the beginning of August to find the information.

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YOUR Invitation STILL STANDS from Lopez Island School Human Resources!!

Would you like to be more involved in our school? How about becoming more involved in Lopez Island's community? Making some money? Earning some paid time off or other benefits? We would LOVE to help with that and there are many different opportunities available for you at our school!

- *NEW* Leave Replacement Custodian - Help make and share all the FRESH, HEALTHY, and DEELICIOUS local foods with the children and staff of Lopez Island School! We are looking for some help in the fast-paced, fun and friendly kitchen at Lopez Island School from 8am - 2pm daily (with a 30 min break). The position starts at $18.53 an hour and qualifies for paid time off, retirement, and insurance benefits!

Cook/ Dishwasher- Help make and share all the FRESH, HEALTHY, and DEELICIOUS local foods with the children and staff of Lopez Island School! We are looking for some help in the fast-paced, fun and friendly kitchen at Lopez Island School from 8am - 2pm daily (with a 30 min break). The position starts at $18.53 an hour and qualifies for paid time off, retirement, and insurance benefits!

- Van Driver - Want to get out and see the island? This transportation position drives a wheelchair van (or another vehicle) to transport student(s) with special needs to and from school. This 3.5 hour per day, Monday through Friday. This position qualifies for paid time off, retirement, and insurance benefits!

- Garden/Grounds - If you love reasons to spend time outside, how about getting paid for it as well? This position is for a Grounds person/Gardener averaging 4 hours per day, Monday – Friday thru August 31, 2022.

- Certificated Teacher Substitutes - Did you know that Washington offers an emergency substitute certificate, which does not require a teacher training program? Work days you are available and don't worry about having to take time off for days you aren't!

- ParaEducators and ParaEducator Substitutes - Interested in working with students individually, in small groups, and/or in general classrooms and helping assist teachers in modifying student behavior? You can apply to become a ParaEducator with a regular schedule or else a ParaEducator sub for flexibility!

You can see full postings on our website! Just go to District Info and then to HR and Employment for more details.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these positions! I am at school 11-4 daily and available at 360-468-2202 extension 2303 or to help see if there is a good fit here for you!

Thank you and I look forward to working with you (in whatever capacity),

Summer Hagge

Human Resources Specialist

From the Superintendent

My office is shifting focus toward the new school year as we begin work on the preliminary budget, anticipate student enrollment, and develop the new calendar for the 2022-2023 school year. This work parallels the ongoing strategic planning process where design teams are beginning their effort to create goals for each of our three focus areas – Our Offerings, Our People, and Our Operational Systems. We continue to be excited about this process and truly appreciate the members of our community who have committed themselves to serve the district’s efforts.

Once our strategic plan is completed, there will be an ongoing need to oversee the plan’s implementation and make recommendations for revisions in the program based on data and the shifting demands of the district. That “Planning Team” should consist of a broad spectrum of community and educational leaders with a regular schedule of planning meetings. We believe the strategic planning initiative and the team meetings that will follow its implementation will help Lopez Island School District thrive in the years ahead.

Lopez Island School District

Ed Murray, Superintendent

Martha Martin, Secondary Principal

Mary Fordham, Elementary Principal

The Lopez Island School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee(s) has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator, Ed Murray –; Title IX Coordinator, HR Specialist, Summer Hagge –; Section 504, Mary Fordham –; OR contact by phone, 360-468-2202, OR mail to 86 School Rd, Lopez Island, WA 98261.

Earth Day Clean-Up