Great Falls Central Catholic High School 10.23.19

Policy Highlight- Parents as the Primary Educator


The Catholic Church recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. In this handbook, the term parent refers not only to a student's natural or adopted parent, but to a student's non-parent legal guardian or to any person or agency authorized to act in place of parents.

GFCC employees and parents have the responsibility to mutually partner with each other to provide the best Catholic education possible for the children who attend the school. Employees and parents will display an attitude of respect and support toward each other, and the educational process by:

● Supporting the school's mission and commitment to Christian principles;

● Supporting the school policies as outlined in the school handbook and regulations;

● Ensuring they have read and are familiar with this handbook;

● Participating fully in school programs that are developed to support the education of the children;

● Remaining informed about and involved in the religious instruction of the children. The

Catholic parents of students in Catholic schools serve as the primary educators and faith formation leaders for their children and are expected to participate actively in the life of their parish by:

➢ Attending Mass

➢ Contributing to the financial support of the parish

➢ Conscientiously developing a sense of Catholic community among the students, parents,

administration, faculty, support staff, and parish

➢ Participate in school-related and church-related organizations and activities.

In the event a parent desires to discuss a problem with their child’s teacher, the parent should make an appointment for a private meeting with the teacher. All GFCC teachers welcome the opportunity to discuss a matter of concern with parents. Any parent who wishes to speak with the principal may do so, but after an initial meeting with the classroom teacher.

Poor Clares lunch with the senior girls

Our senior girls spent lunch with the nuns at the Monastary of St. Clare today. They learned about vocations in the Church and had fun learning how the nuns spend time at their beautiful facility. Our religion teacher, Mrs. Adherhold, shared that the young ladies were engaged and had insightful questions. They brought back vocation stories from the nuns, so be sure to ask your daughter what she learned today.
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Adoration and the Rosary every Friday

Friday, Oct. 25th, 6:30am

2800 18th Avenue South

Great Falls, MT

Join us for Adoration and the Rosary each Friday in our chapel.

Senior Night is Thursday

If you want to celebrate with our senior volleyball or senior cross country athletes, Thursday evening is the night to show up. This will be our last home volleyball game and the state cross country races are on Saturday. We want to celebrate our seniors at these events!

Playoff Football will start at Memorial Stadium 11/2

Come watch our football team play on the turf at Memorial Stadium at 1:00 on November 2nd. We are proud of their hard work this season and look forward to seeing them finish the season strong.
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Parent Teacher Conferences Coming Up

We want to be your partner! Our goal is success for every student, and we need you to be involved and to ask questions. Students will have a 1/2 day on Thursday November 7th, then GFCC faculty will be having parent teacher conferences from 1-5, by appointment. Conferences, by appointment, will continue the next morning from 8-12. Monica will begin setting up those appointments on Monday. Please call the office at 216-3344 to make an appointment. Mrs. Johnson will not be available, Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. Diekhans, and Mrs. Wilson will have limited availability, so call soon if you need to visit with them specifically.
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Mass with Bishop Warfel

We are fortunate to have Bishop Warfel with us November 7th to celebrate Mass and be a guest speaker in all religion classes that day. Please stop by at 9:30 for Mass to worship with our students and staff.