Emma Johnston and Lailani Perez-Castro

What is a tornado?

A tornado is a funnel shaped cloud with strong winds.

What causes a tornado?

A tornado is caused by cold and hot air mixing together. This is caused by weather.

What impacts does it have on the environment?

Tornado's can blow away forests, damage communities, and they can move water.

Impact on Humans

Can blow people away, they can break houses, and cause plane crashes.

How to prepare for a tornado

You can stock up on food; you can go into a storms shelter under the ground; have a radio and batteries; you should also have a first aid kit; and you can and should stay away from windows and or glass.

Common Locations of the Disaster

You can most likely suspect tornado's in tornado alley, in the central United States and lots of other places where cold and warm air meet.

Guaranteed to be donated to tornado victims.

Our Plan

We have found a place where people can donate and prepare the future tornado victims. Please donate food, water, clothes, health supplies, and money to help repair and rebuild. Our information is below.

You can help!

On January 3rd from 12pm to 4pm we will meet outside Hutchinson middle school, and we will have a winter donation gathering. There will be a bake sale, games(with prizes) , an auction, and lunch. It will cost 5 dollars to purchase a ticket and with the ticket you will be able to participate in all events.
Hurricane Matthew Creates Tornado In Negril Jamaica