The 1st flight is on November 28 1969 and last flight is on November 29 1967.

It was the 1st launched satellite, wirsat on November 29 1967.

The Austria design and built the rocket

Delta ii

On December 1 2006 Delta II became the new responsibility of U.S. Launch alliance.

September 18 2007 Delta II complete it 75th consecutive successful launch.

It was originally design and built by McDonnell Douglas after it merge with Boeing in 1997 it was built by Boeing Intergrate defense system.


It became operational in 1990 and remain so as of 2013

The 1st successful Pegasus launch was in April 5 1990.

Pegasus 3 Orion solid motors were developed by Hercules Perospace ( now Alliant Techsystem.

Most of the Pegasus was design by dr. Antonio Elias team.

The wing was design by Burt Rutan


In December 1990 it was purchased by EER system and the design was modified again using castor engines originally by scout.