Before Clicking Send...

Double-check your email for professionalism

You know what this is about!

Make sure the subject line precise and concise. The audience should know what they're getting into before opening your email.

Hey You

Be sure to address the audience by name (Hi John) or group (Hi Team Leaders)

What's up??

The text of the email should be formal, not conversational.

You know what I mean

Include all the relevant details in the email and don't assume the reader knows exactly what you're writing about.

Eye no how too spel

Not only run spell-check to catch the spelling errors, but also proofread for the errors spellcheck can't catch

Just between us

Remember that emails can be forwarded without your permission, so make sure the content is appropriate for larger audiences

From Me

Like a formal letter, an email should have a signature block with your name, title, and further contact information.

Created by Buster Winter for CM241 (July 2013)