Raymond Run

By Toni Bambara

Who is Running?

The main character is Squeaky.  Her real name is Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker.  She is the fasted runner and is very serious about her running.  She is a tough girl.Raymond is Squeaky's older brother.  Raymond acts like he is younger.  She has to watch hime because he can not take care of himself.  Gretchen is Squeaky's antagonist.  She is new to town and is the second fastest runner.

The Race

The race is the most important thing to Squeaky.  She doesn't care about the May Pole.  She only cares about winning the race.  She gets ready by practicing her breathing and running.  She and Gretchen both run the 50 yard dash.  While Squeaky is running, she sees Raymond running.  She starts thinking about how good it would be for him if he could race.  She ends up getting more excited about coaching him than winning.

What I Think

This story is great.  It shows Squeaky figuring out that she should help her brother and not just try to win everything by herself.  It is funny.  You should read it.