Who's Cleaning Your Office Tonight?

We Don't Cut Corners, We Clean Them!

Our cleaning service offers the best attention to detail in Kansas City!!

Is your current cleaning company slacking? Are you tired of cleaning the office yourself and just need someone in general to give a good weekly clean and disinfection? Or are there a few things that need to be taken care of that you just simply don't want to do anymore?

My name is Eric Peterson and I am the owner of Mr. Quality Cleaning. My expertise is in cleaning and janitorial duties. The reason I sent this to you today is because I live in your immediate area and I'm looking for just a few clients to work for in taking care of your office cleaning. Right now I am offering a 50% discount on your first two weekly cleans if you hire me in this month of February. Hire someone that cares about his business and his clients!

To a wonderful business day!

Eric Peterson
Owner- Mr. Quality Cleaning

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50% OFF!

If you call this month of February, we will give you 50% off your first two weeks of cleaning!