All About Me

Riley Fainter


My family is the greatest. I have a Mom, Dad, sister named Ryan who is 7 and a brother named Wells who is 4. My grandparents are the best because they love and care for me. I call them: Daddy Ricks, Susu, Big John, Sugar, Gran Fran and Billy Boy. They all live in Austin the capitol of Texas. Everybody in my family are HUGE longhorn fans, Hook'em.

Favorites Things


Just like everybody I have favorite things, here are some of them. My favorite color is green. My favorite sport is basketball. My favorite subject is reading and writing. I LOVE to read and dance. I like to stand on my head. I love chocolate. Someday I want to be an Author and write page turner books. I go to a camp called Camp Longhorn. An interesting fact about me is I have attended to 5 schools, Hyer is my 5th.

Last Few Words

That was All About Me. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed!