Week 4 -Remote Learning

Dear Families, (clic para español)

As we enter week 4 of learning at home, I want to thank each of you for all that you are doing to assist your children with the work within the matrices. As we transitioned to Remote Learning last week, I know that there were some bumps throughout the week in regards to technology both with access to documents and time it took to access certain documents. This occurred due to some security differences between families’ home computers and the students’ chromebook access levels. We know that these challenges can be frustrating and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate all of the content and technology needs to make Remote Learning accessible to all students. The tech team and I have worked through the challenges of last week and have double checked the links that have been selected and believe all links should be active and easy to access. Our teachers and staff are working very hard to support you and your students’ learning needs. However, if you are struggling with a particular link or with accessing a document please feel free to visit our Tech At Home webpage for Chromebook tips or to enter a Help Desk request and the tech team and I will work together to assist you in whatever tech challenge you are facing.

Thank you again for your time and dedication to the learning your students are doing. I continue to be so proud of the work that is occurring and the pride that our district continues to demonstrate during this challenging time. Please reach out if you need any additional assistance. We are in this together! We are #D41 Strong! Stay healthy and be well!


Dr. Katie McCluskey

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Accountability