Connors School Scoop

March 24, 2023

Dear Connors Families,

We had a very exciting week at Connors and we have SO MANY events coming up, so please be sure to read the Connors School Scoop below:



  • Place orders online through our vendor via this website by 3/30.

  • See flyer with product images and QR code.

  • NEW items: mesh hat, Sport-Tek Tee, heather sweatshirt

  • Connors favorites: athletic shorts, tri-blend T-shirts, black camo hooded sweatshirt

  • Many items ONLY available through this sale. So, get them while you can!

  • Add personalization to all T-shirts + Sweatshirts.

  • Maroon (adidas) athletic socks available separately for sale via this sign up genius ($12/pair, adult + youth sizes, limited supply left, see size options in sign up)

PARENTS VS. STAFF BASKETBALL GAME - April 20 at 6:30pm (Hoboken HS Gym)

  • Sign up here to play, volunteer at the event, donate concessions!

  • Join Us: action-packed game, interactive halftime with prizes, and LOTS of fun!

  • Available for Purchase: Napoli’s pizza + snacks + drinks

  • Entry: Doors open at 6pm! $5 minimum donation for all Connors families / $5 per person for all friends+family guests (no RSVP required; pay at the door).


  • Below is a note from Sasha Nizgoda about our Volunteer Week at The Hoboken Shelter and a beautiful highlight video she created as well. Thank you, Sasha, for all your hard work planning and organizing this incredible effort.
  • Also: We will keep you apprised of future Connors volunteer opportunities. Currently, we are planning 1-2 days for Connors staff to volunteer together at the Shelter. We will also support the shelter through our Earth Day activities. In the meantime, you are always welcome to sign up to volunteer there with or without your children (you can also go with friends, co-workers, etc) through the Charity Quest app.

"A few months ago I had the honor of volunteering for the first time at The Hoboken Shelter. I was so moved by the experience, and I wanted to share this service opportunity with Connors. I had the pleasure of partnering with Hamis at The Hoboken Shelter to set up an entire week of volunteer shifts, the first time that has ever been done for the shelter. And, just like that, our school's first Volunteer Week was also born. What I witnessed this week was more than just volunteering. It was watching a community coming together to take care of one another, extending our love and compassion to other humans. The most important duty you can fulfill as a human is to be a kind person and live with pure intentions. There are so many things that happen in our daily lives, but we never forget the way we are treated by someone. Thank you to each and every one of our volunteers for the time, effort, energy and heart you all put into our volunteer week." -Sasha Nizgoda


Students from Mrs. Schmidt’s 3rd grade class decided to form a “folding club” where they fold origami and paper air planes and sell them. They met in church square park yesterday and decided to help raise money for the Connors PTO! They are donating 75% of their earnings, $62 from yesterday to help their school! We are so proud of your entrepreneurship and generosity!


Start Saving for Our Earth Day Drive-The Connors Green Team and Community Service Team are joining forces this Earth Day. Please start gathering and SAVING the below items you likely have around your house, which we will then collect the week of 4/17 to donate to The Hoboken Shelter. DO NOT buy anything; the idea is to donate what you already have or might otherwise throw out.

  • Disposable Utensils (all types including wooden chopsticks)

  • Condiment packets (especially ketchup)

  • Paper plates and small plastic cups (think extras from birthday parties!)

  • Take Out containers (cleaned and with matching lid)


  • The Connors Green Team is registered for Hoboken's 6th annual Spring Fling, a community-wide day of service dedicated to cleaning up City parks and public spaces, taking place on Saturday, June 3rd from 10am-2pm.

  • Please sign up here to join the Connors “Spring Fling” team (parents + children welcome). We’ll reach out with more info as the date approaches, but please sign up and save the date for now! If you are interested but not sure yet if you can join, please sign up as “maybe” and we can check in with you at a later date.



It is hard to believe that we are in the process of planning for our 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony! It is such a momentous occasion. Each child will receive a diploma. Please fill out this google form with the exact spelling of each child's name as you would like it written on their diploma.


Would you like to see your kids’ artwork displayed in this year’s "Through the Windows, A Hoboken Art Walk"? This is an expansion of Hoboken’s city-wide art walk. The inaugural theme inspirations are “Best Things about Hoboken” or “Favorite Season in the Mile Square City.” Art will be on display in Hoboken business storefronts from May 1 – June 15, 2023. The application deadline is March 31. Link to the Emerging Artist application (for ages 18 and under):


Move this World is our social emotional learning program. Homerooms engage in Move this World activities 2-3 times per week. Move This World provides social emotional learning (SEL) training with the use of interactive videos, movement, and creative expression to help students, educators, and families develop emotional intelligence skills for long-term wellbeing. We implement Move This World’s SEL curriculum seamlessly into our day via short evidence-based videos that introduce a common language and methods for expressing emotion, often during students' social studies period. Move This World’s SEL programs lead to deeper self-awareness, stronger relationships, effective communication, and a culture of safety and support. Please click on the following link to access our Move this World Family Guide if you would like more information about Move this World. In addition, you can login to using the username “” and password “movethisworld


Still Looking for Clothing Donations!

Thanks to all who have donated clothes, they have come in handy for our students who have needed a change during the school day! We're still in need of clothing in a few sizes (below). If you'd like to donate, please bring items that are in good condition, clean, and folded in a bag. You can either give to Lee Ann Townes at drop-off or you can bring to Ms. Maritza or Ms. Aishah at the front entrance of the school.

  • Girls: 8, 9, 10
  • Boys: 6, 7
  • NEW, unused packs of underwear and socks in all sizes
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Lee Ann Townes ( who is also happy to collect donation items, sort and bring to school on your behalf!


  • BOOKS: Donate your gently used elementary-age-appropriate books for teachers to refresh their classroom libraries, and the rest will be used to continuously stock the Connors Little Free Library. Drop off at PTO Meetings, at morning drop off, or with office / teacher. Too much to carry? Email Michelle at for pickup.

ATHLETICS-Hoboken High School Athletics Weekly Schedule

Go Redwings!!


Please ensure that you check with your child regarding what they would like to eat when you place your child's lunch order on the lunch order form. Oftentimes, children may want to choose different items than what their parents order for them which causes many students to feel upset. Here is the 3/27-3/31 Lunch Order Form. Here is the detailed lunch and breakfast menu from Chartwells, which has all of the nutritional information.


If your child will be absent from school, please email along w/ your child’s homeroom teacher with the following information:

  • Child’s Name

  • Reason for absence

  • Date of expected return

  • Any documentation for your child’s absence (i.e. doctor’s note, court note, etc.)

School begins at 8:15 am. Please ensure that your child arrives on time to school and enters the building with their homeroom class.


If you are picking up your child early from school, please Email along w/ your child’s homeroom teacher with the following information by 10:00 am.

  • Time that you will be picking up your child

  • Who will be picking up your child. Make sure that whoever is picking up your child is listed on your child’s approved pick-up list. Connors Parent/Student Information Form 2022-2023

  • Parents will not be able to sign children out between 2:30 and 3:00 PM. After 2:30 PM, you must wait until regular dismissal time.


  • CogAT Make-Up Sessions, March 27th

  • 1st grade Theater Showcase, March 31st @9:00 am

  • April 1st-30th Autism Awareness Month

  • April 6th 1:00 pm dismissal, no PTL

  • April 7th-14th Spring Break

  • April 17th-21st Week of the Young Child

  • April 18th-PTO Meeting 8:30 am at Connors

  • April 20th @ 6:30 pm @ HHS Connors Parent vs. Staff Basketball Game

  • April 24th 9:00-10:00 am Welcome Future Tigers...5th grade visit to HMS


Hoboken Public School District Calendar 2022-2023

Connors Calendar of Events 2022-2023

T.G Connors School Directory 2022-2023

Connors Team 2022-2023

Who should I contact for assistance?

Connors Family Manual, FAQ's Connors Elementary School 2022-2023.

Connors PTO Google Site

2022-2023 District Assessment Calendar and Information to Parents

HPS Technology Google Site

DRA3 Correlation Chart

DRA3 Level Descriptors

All the best,

Juliana Addi, Connors School Principal

Connors Parents vs. Staff Basketball Game

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PARENTS VS. STAFF BASKETBALL GAME - April 20 at 6:30pm (Hoboken HS Gym)

  • Sign up here to play, volunteer at the event, donate concessions!

  • Join Us: action-packed game, interactive halftime with prizes, and LOTS of fun!

  • Available for Purchase: Napoli’s pizza + snacks + drinks

  • Entry: Doors open at 6pm! $5 minimum donation for all Connors families / $5 per person for all friends+family guests (no RSVP required; pay at the door).

Connors SpiritWear Sale

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Connors SPRING SWAG SALE IS ON! (Ends 3/30)

  • Check out our NEW items (mesh hat, Sport-Tek Tee, heather sweatshirt) + Connors favorites (athletic shorts, tri-blend T-shirts, black camo hooded sweatshirt)

  • This sale is the ONLY time many of these items are available as they are made to order. So, get them while you can!

  • Add personalization to all T-shirts + Sweatshirts.

  • Place orders online through our vendor via this website by 3/30.

  • See flyer with product images and QR code.

  • Questions? Contact Swag Team here.

3rd Grade Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

Students from Mrs. Schmidt’s 3rd grade class decided to form a “folding club” where they fold origami and paper air planes and sell them. They met in church square park yesterday and decided to help raise money for the Connors PTO! They are donating 75% of their earnings, $62 from yesterday to help their school!

1st Grade Theatre Showcase

Grade 1 Theatre Showcase: March 31st at 9:00 am

Our 1st grade homeroom classes will perform a short skit to showcase what they have been working on during the 3rd marking period. Our theme is centered around the seasons of the year and will feature scripts and songs that showcase our childrens’ voices, art, and dancing. We will be in full creative expression bloom!

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Pop Up Library

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Autism Acceptance Month

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Save the Date for HPEF's biggest and best Gala yet at the W Hotel on May 18th! Please visit for more information, including the Gold Star Supporter opportunity and auction items needed from the community! Please follow HPEF on social media ( and to stay updated on general ticket sales for the Gala and other HPEF initiatives!

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Connors Class Learning Activities


Ms. Fleischer, Ms. Watson, Mrs. Schain, Ms. Bartolotti, Mrs. White, Ms. Romanowski and Mr. Donovan

Math: This week in math we wrapped up Unit 6. Students completed addition sunflowers, created their own word problem penguins and took their Unit 6 math test. Great job Kindergarten!! We are so excited to start Unit 7 next week!

ELA: This week in Reader's Workshop, our phonics focus were the letters Gg and Ww. Kindergarten students have mastered the /g/ and /w/ sound. The sight words of the week were of and they. This week, we read many stories including "The Birthday Pet", "The Family Pet", and "I Hug Gus". While reading these stories, Kindergarteners discussed the comprehension skill of problem and solution, and identified the problems and solutions in the stories. Students also used the comprehension strategy of making predictions prior to reading the stories and confirmed whether or not their predictions were correct. Way to go KOALIFIED Kindergarteners!

Social Studies: Students have been learning about Women’s History Month during Social Studies. We have focused on Hellen Keller and Jane Goodall. We completed an animal project when learning about Jane Goodall. Students choose their favorite animal and presented it to the class. When learning about Hellen Keller students completed an I won’t give up project. It was amazing to hear about times within the children's lives where they were brave and didn’t give up. Students will continue to learn about Women’s History Month throughout next week.

Science: Kindergarten science classes are off to a terrific start with our new, Project Lead the Way unit: Animals and Algorithms. The unit is all about computer programming and coding. We learned that computers have their own language and coding is how people communicate with computers. Coding is how we can create software and apps to help solve problems. Students applied their knowledge of the needs of living things to play an animal maze game, which required students to program an animal to move to its food, eat the food, and travel to shelter. Students are beginning to use several new vocabulary words related to computer coding. Classes were introduced to an app called ScratchJr, which is a programming tool that students will be using to create their own interactive stories and projects. We have been learning the function of programming blocks in the app which allow us to create scripts, telling the character what to do. By connecting these programming blocks together, characters can move, jump, dance and sing!

1st Grade

Ms. Sheridan, Ms. Klag, Ms. Vayda, Ms. White and Ms. Stinson

ELA: This week our essential question was, "How do people work with animals?" We read non-fiction texts about guide dogs and training animals. When reading we focused on the sequence of events and used graphic organizers to summarize the texts in our own words. Our phonics skill this week was long e: ey, y. Students searched for this spelling pattern in our decodable books. Our high frequency words this week were: found, hard, near, woman, would, and write. We had fun learning about compound words. In grammar, we learned about adverbs that tell when, such as tomorrow and soon. We also began our spring DRA assessments.

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies we continued discussing Women's History Month. We discussed that a biography is a true story of someone's life. We read a mini biography about Mae Jeminson and Sally Ride. The children really enjoyed talking about the women going to space and all their different accomplishments. Then, in Young Citizens we continued talking about our state. We reviewed state symbols of New Jersey. We also discussed some state symbols in other states. We learned about the responsibility of a state government. The children know that a governor leads the state government and makes sure citizens are safe. Then the children worked together to complete a worksheet where they colored in local jobs and responsibilities. They did a great job with this! We can’t wait to learn more next week!

Science: In Ms. Stinson's 1st grade PLTW class we are studying Animal Adaptations. We are currently working on the adaptation "camouflage" as you can see below we are working with two sets of butterflies , one set who blends in and the other set who does not. These 1st graders had a lot of fun in their search and counting up all of the butterflies! Way to go guys!

2nd Grade

Ms. Garcia, Ms. Rinaldi, Ms. Pokorny, Ms. Criqui and Ms. Romanowski

ELA: This week our shining second graders practiced poetry and learned about stanzas, rhyming schemes, and themes. Our phonics focus for the week continued to be r-controlled vowels: air, are, ere, and ear. They worked so hard doing their classwork. Next week will be a review week as we get ready for our unit 4 assessment next Friday!

Math: This week in math students began unit 5! They are focusing on combinations of 100 this week. Students played fun games like Capture 5, and Plus/ Minus 9 bingo to further deepen their number sense and math fact knowledge. We are back to working with the sticker station, and will be completing multi-step word problems in the next few weeks. Lastly, students have begun to practice for the final iteration of Linkit! for the year.

Social Studies: This week in social studies we started Lesson 3: Working in a Neighborhood. We were able to identify different workers and services they provide. We now know that workers are paid to provide goods and services to the community. We are also able to explain the skills necessary to make income in order to indicate that people need money/income to pay for basic needs. We can now describe skills that workers use to earn income. Last, we created simple bar graphs to make comparisons based on given information. We are getting close to wrapping up Chapter 3, and we can't wait to see what comes next!

Science: Second grade science classes are having an amazing time with our new, Project Lead the Way Unit: Grids and Games! The unit is all about computer programming and coding. Coding is the language of computers and it is how people can create software and apps to help solve problems. Computer science is everywhere and it is a way of thinking and problem solving. Throughout this unit, we will focus on the ways computer science impacts our lives. We will also think about how learning from others can help us design or improve a solution to a problem. All classes discussed how to make good decisions when using computers and other forms of technology.

As a class, we explored games and activities on in order to gain inspiration. Students have been using an app called ScratchJr, which is a programming tool that students will be using to create their own interactive stories and projects. We have been learning the function of programming blocks in the app which allow us to create scripts, telling the character what to do. Next week, second graders will begin writing and coding interactive fairytales. This will combine the skills of creative writing and animation.

3rd Grade

Ms. Januse, Ms. Hall, Ms. Schmidt, Ms.Criqui, Ms. Layson, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. White

and Ms. Stinson

ELA: This week, students finished up the fourth ELA unit by engaging in rotating centers to reinforce the skills and strategies learned throughout the unit. Students worked in groups to complete activities that reviewed genre, text features, inferencing, context clues, grammar, word composition, and more. Then, they used these skills to complete the Wonders Unit 4 assessment on Tuesday. For the remainder of the week, students were excited to begin studying poetry. They explored various structures of poems, and specifically focused on figurative language such as metaphors, similes, idioms, onomatopoeia, and personification. They analyzed multiple poems, and then used their knowledge on text structure and figurative language to create their own alliteration poems.

Math: Students started Unit 6: Fair Shares and Fractions on Number Lines this week! Students have already been introduced to the concept of fractions but this week, we were able to understand fractional parts are constructed of unit fractions. Third graders were also working to place fractional parts on number lines this week.

Social Studies: This week students continued to celebrate women's history month! To wrap up our month-long celebration, students selected their favorite influential women from history to honor and share with the class. Students researched their powerful, inspirational change maker, then created a Google slideshow to visually represent the information they gathered.

Third Grade Thrills: This week third graders were able to visit the pop up library again! Special thanks to Ms. Val and Ms. Alyssa from the Hoboken Public Library for another successful trip to the pop up library!

Science: In Ms. Stinson's PLTW 3rd grade class we have been learning all about Paleontologists and Fossils. Our culminating project was to create a diorama depicting the fossils and ancient environments of their choice. Each student had to create their diorama along with a Google slides presentation to present to their classmates. I think it is evident that these 3rd graders did an amazing job!!! So proud of you 3rd grade!!

4th Grade

Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Schulz, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. Layson and Mr. Donovan

ELA: Phenomenal 4th Graders are really enjoying the core novel "Jim and Me" by Dan Gutman. In this week's chapters, we followed Stosh and Bobby as they decided to try time travel again in order to meet Jim Thorpe, since their first attempt was a failure. Our reading ended with Bobby and Stosh arriving at the Polo Grounds, former home of the Giants baseball team in 1913. In Reading Wonders Unit 4, students further explored the genre of historical fiction and the importance of setting with "The Telephone Mix-Up," a story that takes place when telephones were first invented. Writers wrapped up the monthly focus on Research Simulation essay writing by composing a compare and contrast essay about shark characteristics.

Science: In this activity, students developed an understanding of computing systems. They watched an interactive presentation and explored how computers process input to produce output. In the presentation, students learned that computing systems are similar to human body systems. Students applied this understanding as they play a game to test their own reaction as they process input and produce output.

5th Grade

Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Schultes, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Layson and Ms. Hirniak

Math: This week in Math we continued unit 7. In this unit, students learned how to multiply decimals and whole numbers. They also learned how to multiply decimal numbers times decimal numbers. Students were asked to solve the cost of items and calculate tip. Students also used this time to review their fractions as well. Everyday during Math, Students must solve real world problems that incorporate previously learned skills in order to begin our spiral review for the year.

ELA: This week in ELA, 5th graders concluded unit 4 by reading the last 3 chapters of The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Students really enjoyed this book and were excited to see how it ended. In addition, this week we focused on our Link It deficient strands to help prepare us for the upcoming Link It testing (the week of 4/3). Next week we will be doing more preparation. 5th grade is working hard!

Social studies: This week during Social Studies we continued our Young Citizens curriculum. This week the topic was the Missouri Compromise. Students learned how the Missouri Compromise was created in order to address growing tensions. Students also learned how although this compromise was agreed upon, it did not solve all of the tensions and once again tensions grew. Throughout this lesson we watched videos, had group discussions, and practiced creating compromises. Students learned that although compromises have great intentions, they don't solve all the problems and in the end, may need modifications.

Science: This week in 5th grade science, students began their "create a toy" project. In groups, students developed prototypes of various toys that they are interested in creating. After designing their sketches, students explored the vex kits in order to analyze which pieces they plan to include in their toys. In groups, students will begin to create their toy, and develop a presentation to share their ideas with the class!

Ms. Criqui's Class

ELA- This week in ELA, students learned how to read and write words with R controlled vowels. For example, pair and dear. Students explored free verse poetry and enjoyed listening to the poems “Snow Shape, “Nature Walk,” and “In the Sky.” After listening, students practiced counting the number of stanzas and lines in each poem. Additionally, they practiced figuring out the theme of the poems and identifying antonyms.

Math- This week in math, students learned how to add and subtract two digit numbers! Students learned how to solve the problems using cubes, a number line or 100s chart. Afterwards, students learned how to check their answers using a calculator. Additionally, students practiced figuring out how to take a sum and determine how many more needs to be added in order to reach one hundred.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

On Mondays - Wednesdays during the Individualized Learning Pathway (ILP) period, students who have qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) programming engage in a wide array of math course offerings that address their specific strengths and interests. Johns Hopkins CTY believes in researching and advancing ways to identify and nurture academically talented learners. CTY furthers research, guides educators and families and inspires students from diverse communities and backgrounds to pursue their intellectual passions and create the world of tomorrow. This week, we would like to highlight one of the CTY courses offered to our Hoboken students this winter:

Johns Hopkins CTY Accelerated Grade 3 Mathematics

Our students are taking CTY Honors Grade 3 Mathematics to a higher level with this accelerated online course! They begin the course by reviewing foundational grade 2 lessons and then gain early exposure to grade 4 concepts through enrichment topics. Each chapter of this CTY course is paired with videos, interactive web pages, and projects to develop the students’ reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills for investigating and exploring grade 3 math skills.

Mini PGP


Women’s History Month - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Explorers in Kindergarten are celebrating Women’s History Month! This week they are focusing on Ruth Bader Ginsburg - who became a second ever woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. After watching an educational video, read a text from Get Epic! about Ruth Ginsburg and holding a conversation about her, travelers put their knowledge to work. They used their knowledge to complete Amazing Women Activity. They had to draw Ginsburg or color her picture, write about her amazing achievement, draw it, and write a little bit more about what they learned about her. It was definitely a busy period for Explorers!


Women’s History Month - Sally Ride

Travelers in First Grade continue to celebrate Women’s History Month! This week they studied about Sally Ride - who was the first American woman astronaut to fly in space. After viewing an educational video about Sally Ride, reading a text from Get Epic!, and holding a conversation about her, travelers put all of the knowledge to work. They used the text to complete the activity called Leaving a “Stamp” on History. They had to complete the activity with her birthday, hometown, famous for, contributions, fun fact, she deserves to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp because, and then draw a picture of Sally Ride. It was a busy working period in 1st Grade!


Passport To The World - Me On The Map

The Geographers in Second Grade continue their journey around the world. They continue working on Me On The Map Project. After the study of the continent of North America and having a background knowledge of the city and the state in which they live it, geographers will work on the project which centers around finding themselves on the map of Earth. They will draw a picture and write fact(s) about the following: city, county, state, country, and continent along with a cover page. Then, they will turn this project into a flip book and share their final outcome of the project with their classmates. Way to go, Geographers!


Engineering Design Projects

Future Engineers in Third Grade are working on a variety of Engineering Design projects. Some groups are preparing for the STEAM Tank Regionals by improving their presentations, conducting deeper research, surveying students, and creating a prototype. Other groups are either improving their STEAM tank presentations as a practice or focusing on creating a Sports Team Proposal and Managing a Sports Team Project. Moreover, STEAM Tank groups which advanced onto the next round, are applying all of the suggestions and ideas from their virtual sessions with the mentors to further improve their invention/product. They are working on the prototypes and surveys. In addition, the rehearsing process is underway as the groups are preparing to present their improved presentations in the second round of the Challenge in front of the judges. A lot of engineering and designing continue to take place during this time!


The Global Pals continue to be officially underway with their project and communications with the Global Pen Plans! Global Pen Pals is an online program where they get to connect with students from around the world and learn about different cultures, life styles, traditions and more. In addition, in each unit, students complete the activities and get to pick a project to work on and then share it with the global pen pals. This week, they continue to explore the importance of digital citizenship and writing skills to successfully complete the projects. Let the fun edventure continue!

Music with Mr. Azzarto

Hi Connors families,

The week of March 20th was a fun week that saw our students, learning about the treble and bass clefs, learning about the Baroque period of music, and so much more.

In Ms. Klag’s class the students were working on perfecting their skills on identifying notes on the treble and bass clefs. This skill requires them to memorize 18 different note placements and even some above and below the staff. All this is in preparation for learning how to play the all mighty recorder next year. They just can’t wait and they are doing such an amazing job at memorizing the note placements. Here is Ruby leading the class in a Ricoh board based activity where the kids have to identify random notes on the treble and bass clefs. She was such a great teacher!

In the 5th grade, the students are beginning to learn about the Baroque period of music. Yes, I had to break it to them that music started long before Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. They are learning about the chronology of the time period and what was taking place while J.S. Bach was writing all of his fugues. They even found out that they didn’t have any dentists. That was pretty funny. Yes, the barber pulled your teeth. They also had a good laugh at the wigs that were worn during the time period. Baroque equals “fancy”. Plenty of notes and plenty of fancy clothes! Here is Nivia and Nat with her timeline all figured out!

Big picture

P.E. with Mr. Favino

This week in PE we worked on our cooperative games unit. Students were given objectives that included strategizing and problem solving along with explaining the aspects of good teamwork. We participated in games that encouraged positive sportsmanship where teammates could cheer each other on. Class finished both days with different challenges for students such as Cross the Pond where students had to strategize a way to get across the gym while only being able to stand in stationary hula hoops. K-2 students played World Cup with the objective being to cross the gym with a tennis ball without using their hands. We did so well working together this week and it was fun seeing students strategize through activities.

Mandarin with Ms. Jia

This week in Mandarin the kindergarten students continued the color unit. They learned a color song which they really enjoy. Grade 1 students reviewed fruit and color units. Grade 2 students practiced Chinese language and culture questions as well as color/fruits unit. Grade 3 students continued the topic of leisure, sports, and pets. Grade 4-5 students started the food unit with their first lesson on Chinese breakfast.

Theatre with Ms. Rotondi

This week in theatre we are finalizing the last few touches to our showcase. We are incorporating stick puppets, music, microphones, choreography, and blocking! All these skills have been built up in class and are now being applied to the stage. We cannot wait for our showcase next week, March 31st at 9:00 am!

Big picture

Passport to Learning

Math Academy: This week in math academy, we worked on subtraction. Students watched a brainpop video explaining subtraction and the different ways to solve for the difference. Then we used cubes in order to practice physically taking away a number and solving the problem. Lastly, students completed some subtraction problems on their own and turned them into a sunflower!

Dance Academy: It was a fun week in Dance Academy! Students worked on their ballet technique, and across the floor steps. They finished class with fun game of freeze dance using their imaginations to dance in different ways.

Chess: In chess class, students reviewed key topics such as piece development, tactics, castling and checkmate. Next they focused on opening tactics that can be used to outthink their opponents. The three were the Damiano Gambit, the Scotch Gambit and the Petroff Defense.

Little Yogis: This week in Little Yogis students learned all about inhaling, exhaling, butterfly pose, and mountain pose. Everyone had such a great time meditating and participating!

Dinosaur Discovery: Students in Dinosaur Discovery class made dinosaur hand puppets.

ARTchitects: This week in ARTchitect class, students designed flags to represent themselves.