Dixons Kings Academy Appreciations!

Integrity, Diligence, Civility... 23 September 2016

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At Dixons Kings, we live by our core values. Integrity is always doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Diligence is the necessity of giving attention to detail in order to avoid error and overcome obstacles. Finally, Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect. Our appreciations newsletter celebrates the members of our academy family who exhibit these values and climb the mountain to success. We also champion the family members who, during their climb, have shown themselves to be unique, ambitious and creative.
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Literature Festival Competition Winner!

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Year 7 Stretch Presentations!

Our new Year 7 students have started to work on their stretch projects for this term, here is a sneak preview of some of the fantastic work that has been prepared!
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Take a look at our Year 8 end of cycle 3 stretch finals video here!

Class of 2016 continue to inspire their fellow students!

Our new classroom door displays feature the success and progress of our former Year 11 students, who continue to motivate and inspire all our students here at DKA!

Year 11 Science

Here are pictures of some of our Year 11 students finding out how the concentration affects the rate of a reaction - PC Ms M Kauser

The Climb... Events at DKA this week!

Family Members of the Week!

Year 7

Adeela Ahmed - Showing diligence and civility during family dining in ensuring everyone has a meal including MML.

Anis - Diligence during form class, family dining and excellent presentation during stretch presentation

Year 8

Shahzaib Ahmad - For being extremely helpful during Family Dining and always offering to do extra jobs and helping others with their homework.

Samah Rauf - For her civility during family dining.

Year 9

Sara Zamir for receiving 13 positives this week

Umar Sadiq for diligence and integrity for coming back into school the day after he went to hospital in an ambulance! ??

Year 10

Harris Butt - for consistently showing diligence, civility and integrity

Hasnain Ali - for making good choices and turning his behaviour around this week

Year 11

Aroosa Ahmed – Integrity

Mohammed Haider Ali - integrity

Staff who have been appreciated by students or their colleagues

Miss N Laidman – for running an excellent vaccination session for Year 8 – done in record time!

Thank you Miss M Jennings for the quick turnaround with job requests.

Thank you Miss Evans for working diligently to support students in RE.

Thank you Miss Parmar for baking delicious treats for us to enjoy during the pastoral meeting.

Miss Knowles for her excellent coaching.

Thanks to Miss Bowley for supporting with year 11 meaning that we can complete wave 1 intervention for written controlled assessments during lesson time.

Thank you to Miss Clynes for giving up her Thursday afternoons to run really useful revision session for Year 11 students.

Thanks to Mr Duggan for starting to organise the staff Christmas party.

Thank you to Mr Carr for always giving support and advice.


Miss Khan's RE Stars of the Week!

Year 9:

Aqsa Razaq and Ahmed Abbas- working diligently to make improvements to their work and showing good effort in tackling difficult tasks

Year 10:

Fayzah Siddique- coming in her own time to catch up with missed work showing diligence towards her learning

Year 11:

Kessar Khan- showing improved effort towards his learning and demonstrating his desire to improve and do well in RE

Mr Gayle's RE Stars of the Week!

Haroon Umsan, Danyal Hussain, Adam Amjid, Adnan Mahmood - For diligence in RE

Science Stars of the Week!

8B/Sc3 science for working diligently in classes and completing all their work. - Miss Mahmood

Ikraam Mahomed, Sahil Yaqoob Maryam Khan and Sarah Ahmed (10E/Sc1) for all the diligence that they have put into the first few weeks of science. - Miss S Khan

Mrs Parmar's Business Studies Stars of the Week!

Alisha Sharif / Batul Ali – Making an excellent start to year 9 Business Studies showing great diligence in lessons.

Abdul Moeez / Mehraan Hussain / Huma Mahmood / Kajal Parekh / Sara Ali / Aneeqah Hussain / Tayybah Khan – Great effort in Business Studies lessons. Motivated and always wanting to do well - Keep it up!

English Stars of the Week!

Nimra Ali - Y11 – excellent diligence and effort - Miss Gayle

Year 10: Henna Khan; Zulkernain Ur Rehman; Isma Ahmed; Ateeqa Ahmer; Simrah Rubani; Aliyah Rizwan: excellent homework - Mr Miller

Year 9: Aliyah Khan; Haleema Rafique; Haaris Hussain: excellent homework - Mr Miller

MFL Stars of the Week!

Abu-Safian Mohammed (Y10) diligence shown in class work -Miss Hickey

Ameer Haq (Y11) diligence shown in Spanish controlled assessment preparation - Miss Evans

Uzair Butt (Y9) showing diligence by doing and improving extra Spanish work - Miss Bowley

Mr Rafiq's ICT Stars of the Week!

Year 10 GCSE ICT students for working diligently on their GCSE ICT controlled assessment.

Mr Rafiq’s year 9 ICT group for making a great start in their KS4 ICT

Sara Ali in year 10 for presenting excellent assemblies to the whole school regarding her trip to India

Mr Rossell's Music Stars of the Week!

Belated appreciations to Rose Patel, Faizaan Salim, Thaanya Kauser, Md. Usman Ashfaq & Hamza Shaukat for their civility and diligence, staying behind on Open Evening to showcase the best of the Music Department to prospective new students and their parents

Mrs Jeram's PE Stars of the Week!

Luqmaan Shakoor – making up missed lesson time after school on Thursday with CWA due to wellbeing intervention.

Parents Information

Parent Pay

Please ensure your child's parent pay account is sufficiently topped up. Thank you

Family Dining

We are very proud that our year 7 students dine together every day. Family dining gives students a chance to demonstrate integrity, diligence and civility while eating together with their tutors. They serve each other; clean up together and get a chance to talk about their journey up the mountain of success!

Two Claps on Three!

To show our appreciation, we give our family members 'two claps on three'. Here are year 7 demonstrating it!

We are currently recruiting for a Principal Teacher in Science, Principal Teacher of English, Teacher of RE and Lexia Champion. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions visit our website or click on the link below