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Ty Schwantz - Hour 2

A Christmas Carol

If you read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dick s it will change the way you think of Christmas and most likely make your merry Christmas a whole lot merrier. Just because Scrooge is the one being taught doesn't me that we can't pick up a thing or two from the spirits to.

The spirits teach very valuable lessons, the first spirit teaches that your past is just as precious as your present and further more you shouldn't let the memories of joy escape you. The second spirit teaches that you should enjoy what you have and savor it, make the most out of it. The last of the spirits teaches that life is short and you should make the most out of it to make everyone happier.

In conclusion if you read this book it will definitely make your holidays a whole lot fuller, and it will teach you some very valued lessons. And if you don't like to read you can always watch the play at the guthary, they play it every year.


Scrooge sacrificed his money at the end when he gave it to everyone in need. I sacrificed my time for the poor.