CASH Fifth Grade

"Little House on the Playground"

Pi Day

Thank you for your help in making Pi Day a fun day for the students! Stirlin, Reanna, and Owen all brought pies to share with their classmates. Thank you for taking the time to bake or shop so the students could enjoy this tasty addition to our math class!

Simile Project

Simile project will be due tomorrow. It should be a picture that is drawn, painted, etc. of himself/herself on a quarter piece of posterboard. Facial features should be based on the similes the student decides to use to describe himself or herself.

For example, if the student says, "I am sneaky as a snake, " a rubber snake or a picture of a snake could be used for the mouth.

The front of the posterboard should include: the drawing and the similes used (similes use "like" or "as" in the expression).

The back of the posterboard should have the student name (it is o.k. if you have already completed it and the name is on the front). This will count as a test grade.