Bruce Lee

By: Kaiven Yang

Bruce Lee is well known for his martial arts and for his action movies.


Bruce lee learned martial arts to defend himself when he was younger. He was dedicated in keeping himself to learning that he became better and better in martial arts.


Martial arts was how bruce became famous. He began doing movies where he used his martial arts skills. One famous movie he did was "Enter the Dragon."


Bruce made lots of money from his acting career and he began gaining fans. He was soon teaching Kung fu everywhere.

Young Friends

During his younger years Bruce joined a group of fighters. The fighters and Bruce would compete and fight other groups using their martial arts.

Did you know?

Bruce didn't know how to dance because all he ever learned was only to fight. Bruce didn't have any time to dance because of his movies, and teachings.

Grand Master

He was trained under Yip man, also known as Ip Man. Bruce's master was a very well known martial artist as well. One difference was that Yip Man was a true master in the Wing Chung martial skills, while Bruce had added other skills to what he had been taught.


He met his wife during one of his martial arts class. Bruce likes his wife because she listens really well to him. They had a son named Brandon and a daughter named Shannon.


Bruce became the man he had wanted to be. Although he died at a young age his legend lives on from generation to generation.


One life lesson Bruce quoted is that "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at."

Bruce Lee

By: Rachel A. Koestler