Trivia Contest!

Answer to win a pair of tickets to the Castle Rock WineFest.

Message us on Facebook with your answers by 5 pm on Tuesday, July 17, 2012. We'll randomly select two winners from those with all correct answers. All of the answers can be found on the Internet.

1) How many acres of land in The Meadows is for public use?

a. 100 – 300 acres

b. 300 – 500 acres

c. 500 – 700 acres

d. 700 – 1,100 acres

2) In what year was electricity first supplied to Castle Rock?

a. 1899

b. 1910

c. 1921

d. 1935

3) How many parks and open space areas are currently in The Meadows?

a. 4-6

b. 12-15

c. 29-32

d. 35-38

4) The Castle Rock Volunteer Fire Department erected the star on the top of the Castle Rock in what year?

a. 1936

b. 1982

c. 2000

d. 1897

5) In August 2010 Family Circle magazine published its list of the “10 Best Towns for Families.” Where did Castle Rock fall on this list?

a. Did not make the list.

b. 3

c. 8

d. 1