States of Matter

BY Johnathan Stephens


  • Solids-Molecules packed closely together
  • Low Kinetic Energy
  • Definite Volume
  • Definite Shape
  • Example 1: pencil
  • Example 2: ice cube
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  • Liquids- Molecules are close together but move freely
  • Definite Volume
  • Takes Shape of Container
  • Medium Kinetic Energy
  • Example 1:Milk
  • Example 2: Juice
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  • Gas-Molecules are far apart and move freely
  • No Fixed Volume
  • No Definite Shape
  • High Kinetic Energy
  • Ex 1:Hydrogen
  • Ex 2:Oxygen
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  • Plasma-Particles that have extremely large amounts of energy
  • Gas made up of electrons
  • Most common phase of matter in the universe
  • Responds to electromagnetic fields
  • Ex 1: Dark Matter
  • Ex 2: Lightning
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Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC)

  • (BEC)-A Dilute Gas of Bosons That Is Cooled Near Absolute 0
  • Einstien predicted it in 1920's
  • Scientist finally created it in 1995
  • Groups of atoms behave as if they are a single particle
  • Ex 1: Cold Liquid Helium
  • Ex 2: Nucleons of a Neutron Star
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