Exciting Updates...

...from the land of Thirty-One


So, hold on to your hats because these exciting announcements are going to blow you away! First, there is a flash sale going on RIGHT NOW on my website (www.giftswithkimiradich.com). Have you been searching for a discontinued product? Here's your chance to hopefully end that search! Even better... your purchases from the flash sale DOES count towards you qualifying to purchase this month's customer special! So, for every $35 you spend on these discounted products you can purchase 1 December customer specials. LOVE IT!! You can also add Personalization! More items MIGHT be added This sale is while supplies last! Just like any great sale many of the items will go fast! Don't forget you will receive a $10 gift certificate from ME for every $25 you spend!!
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What Else Is New?!?

Today is a very exciting day in the Thirty-One world...anyone that becomes a consultant starting today will get the brand new Spring Enrollment Kit. It is our largest collection of products we have ever had in a kit AND it includes items from our brand new Jewell by Thirty-One collection. That's not all though....when you submit $1000 in sales during your first 30 days (this outlet sale would count as some or all of your sales) you get your $99 kit fee back! What?!?! I am jealous! So, today is a great day to join!!
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What is Jewell by Thirty-One?? Check out these pics...

Also available...

The Jewell Expander Kit for new consultants. It’s valued at more than $220 but NEW consultants that join between Dec 16 - March 15 can purchase it for only $59.

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ANOTHER addition to the Thirty-One family?!?

Thirty-One is HEALTHY and THRIVING!! We are getting back to the "Gifts" part of Thirty-One GIFTS. Jewel Kade has now joined the Thirty-One family and will now be known as “JK by Thirty-One”. Jewel Kade is a direct selling company based in Alpine, Utah, that designs handcrafted jewelry and personalized gifts. The company began in jewelry designer Janet Kinkade’s basement – much like Thirty-One’s origins with Cindy.

Jewel Kade was officially founded in 2009 and quickly grew into a national brand with its artisan jewelry featured on The Today Show, American Idol and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Like Thirty-One, Jewel Kade uses hosted parties to market its merchandise to consumers.

As of December 2014, Thirty-One Gifts has officially acquired Jewel Kade. As of midnight, December 31st, Jewel Kade will no longer accept orders. However, many of the Jewel Kade jewelry products will be sold as part of the new JK by Thirty-One collection. Janet Kinkade will serve as principal designer for the JK by Thirty-One collection.

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Why YOU should host a party in January...

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January Customers

Your customers are going to LOVE the January customer special! The brand new All About the Benjamins wallet is on SALE!! I am very, very, very picky about my wallets and I must say that this is truly the best wallet we have ever had!

New Icon Embroidery Option

I love this heart!!
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