shinshiNEWS # 11

יום שישי 3 יוני 2016 , Friday, June 3

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walk with israel 2016

What an amazing day.

Thank you the Jewish community of Toronto and many others, for supporting Israel so much in the walk with Israel on Sunday (and in every other day of the year). It really is a huge experience for us as Israelis to know how much you support and love our country. Hope you all had an amazing and super fun day.

We definitely did! Thank you!!

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D'var Israel

We wanted to share the D'var Israel that we delivered last Shabbat at Adath Israel about all the Yom's last month.

The song of the week - שיר השבוע

A small place in Haifa - דירה קטנה בחיפה

Adir Getz - אדיר גץ

אדיר גץ - דירה קטנה בחיפה Adir Getz

Associated graduate trip to Ottawa

This past week we had the opportunity to go on the Associated graduate trip to Ottawa.

We toured, rock climbed, bowled, went on a cruise and did so many fun and interesting activities with grade 8!

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“Peace of Mind”

This past Monday we had the opportunity to meet and go bowling with the soldiers from “Peace of Mind”.

Peace of Mind is a unique program developed by the Israel Centre for the Treatment of Psycho-Trauma. It paves the way back to civilian life for young men and women who have served three or more years in high-risk combat units in the Israel Defense Forces. The program identifies units who have undergone severe combat experiences and provides the treatment needed to strengthen their emotional health and resilience allowing them to start their civilian life as healthy and productive citizens.

As a part of their treatment they go to different countries that support the program and stay in the community for a week of intense treatment, and we had the opportunity to meet them and have a great time with them!

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Recipe of the week - מתכון השבוע

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Goodbye Programs :(

It is already June and the time has come for our ShinShinim farewell program!

During this program we tested the students to see how well they really know us and we got to know each other better.

Thank you AHS Danilack students for being such a big and anazing part of our year!

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Upcoming Events

Farewell Event - Adath Israel

Saturday, June 11th, 9am

37 Southbourne Avenue

Toronto, ON

We don't want to do this, but this year passed so fast! We would like to invite you all - Adath Israel Members (everyone, from all ages) to our farewell Kiddush, that will be on Saterday, June 11th at 9:00 am at the shul. We would love to see you there!


This weekend we went with over 100 of the LOR BBYO teen to Camp George to the BBYO Spring convention. On Sataurday we had a very interesting disscussion about IDF in the international media.

We had the best time with the teens over the weekend!

Thank you LOR for making our year awesome!

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The video of the week

Thank you for Walking with Israel

Lee and Sarah Shinshiniot

We're Sarah and Lee and we're the ShinShiniot for Adath Israel, Danilack and BBYO in Toronto, ON 2015-2016!
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