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Homer Head Start News


1/13- Field Trip to Raonoke Ship 11-12
1/14-Winter Carnival Planning Meeting Noon
1/14-Swimming 10-11
1/15- Conscious Discipline Video 9am

Parent News

Thank you, Sean and Kurt, Shanna, Mike and Vanna, Ron, Kati Jo,Vanessa and Sean, Jim, Haylee, Cynthia and Angelo, Julia and Tim, so so so much for all your help with swimming last week. We look forward to another day of swimming tomorrow.

If you took your child’s swim suit and towel home please send them back tomorrow.

If you are volunteering tomorrow thank you so very much. We will be getting to the pool at 9:45 so please meet us at the pool at 9:45am.

Health News

Children need to be as healthy as possible for optimal brain and physical growth and development. We provide meals that are nutritious by using whole foods and avoiding processed foods, chemical additives and toxins. After doing some research, we have decided to stop using toothpaste that contains potentially harmful ingredients, such as blue dye, triclosan, aspartame and sodium lauryl sulfate. We no longer have bright pink, blue, and striped toothpaste and the children are now using the more healthy and natural alternatives which are strawberry and mint flavored. Please read the ingredients of your food, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion etc. Look up ingredients that you are unsure about. Protect your precious children's growing brains and bodies!