Belgium Congo Line

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Beginning of Colonization of The Congo

Leopold the 2nd of Belgium wanted international recognition for taking the Congo Free State in 1885. He personally held power in The Congo until 1908, then was taken by Belgium government. They mostly abused The Congo for it's resources and free labor.
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Government Establishment

Belgium ruled The Congo through indirect rule, controlled by Congo Public Forces, owned and operated by Belgium's officials.
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Colonial Imports/Exports

Congo exported mostly ivory, rubber, and precious minerals, which were in high demand at the time. This allowed huge profit for Belgium, furthering their want for control of The Congo.
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Life for the Natives

Most natives were forced into free labor. Many were slaughtered. Limbs were amputated as punishment of revolt. Women were raped constantly. The natives were treated very poorly, and were seen as lesser to Europeans. There were instances of decapitation, removal of limbs/appendages, and various torture techniques.
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Congo's Resistance Movements

The inhumane policy implemented by Belgium caused many minor rebellions across The Congo. Almost all resistance movements were quickly silenced and slaughtered. The Belgium rulers would use the rebel's dead bodies as a warning for others to stay in line.
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Colonial Independence

In 1960, The Congo began an independence movement began to separate from Belgium. The Congo had a large labor force that gathered together to gain independence from Belgium. The Congo became The Republic of Congo-LĂ©opoldville.
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Belgium in the Congo Genocide