Adrian Gonzales

My Talents

Engineer, Creative, and Designer

I usually build my own things when there's nothing else to do, but as a kid I don't have any tools or engines or stuff like that. Instead, I use Legos. They're my favorite toys, I had some ever since I was 4. I've been using them to create great things, and people would like them. They would also comment about the designs on it too. One day at my 5th grade school, there was a test that everyone had to take. I had a room to test in all to myself, a teacher had to watch me though. A few hours later, we got to have a break time, I decided to play a board game. The teacher had a fishing game where it spins, but the only problem was it never spun. So we looked inside and we saw that something was off its place. The teacher said she didn't know where it belongs. I was looking very closely at it, then I saw something that might be where the thing belongs. So I put on there, and it worked! The game started spinning. Which made me think I can fix things too, like an engineer.