My Avid Fall Semester Exam

Jakesia Tenner 7th grade AVID-6

How did I grow as a student this semester?

This semester I have grown as a student that have been more organized and more cooperative. I have taken my time and just do my work right. I learned how I should behave. I also learned that if u don't do your work right the first time, the you obviously have time to do it over again. photos of a student in avid

How did some of AVID'S strategies help me?

Some of Avid's strategies helped me, by teaching me how to make cornell notes the right way.When you take cornell notes you have to have a summary, a title/objective, questions, notes ,name, date ,subject, and period. You have to write down notes that you don't understand or what you do understand. Cornell notes help me stay organized, because if I forget something I can just look at my cornell notes and get my mind to refresh all back over again.

Guaranteed that this will be fun, interesting, and organized

How does public speaking helps you in avid?

In avid public speaking has helped me by your posture. It tells me that I need to be confident and that i need to just believe that I can do it. You have to have correct posture and correct speaking. You also need to focus on what you are saying and don't let any distractions distract you from what you are doing

How does tutorials help me with my core classes?

Tutorials help me by teaching me my rights and my wrongs. When I don't understand anything all hat I have to do is just the teacher. She can help me by telling me to go to the board and the she will give me a problem. I will then tell her my point of confusion

How does trf's help me?

Trf's helps me by teaching me something that i didn't know already. If I have a point of confusion all that i have to do is just put it down on a trf. When i get to school on Tuesday and on Thursday I tell my tutor that i didn't get this. I then go to the board and then I have to explain what I don't get.Finally I get help and so on.

How did AVID change my life?

Avid have changed my life in many ways. I have become a better person and a better organizer. I have had many good grades and that is something that I am proud of. I have to take cornell notes, do trf's, go to tutorials, do a learning log, and so on but this Avid program has really changed my life all around.