Saints John and Paul School

Welcome Newsletter July 2021

Principal Welcome Back Message

Dear Saints John and Paul Families,

I hope that your family had a restful and a rejuvenating summer. We are looking forward to an enriching, active and rewarding experience for your children at Saints John and Paul this academic school year of 2021-2022. After this pandemic year and all our parents working in collaboration with SJP, we were able to keep our doors open for the entire school year. Even with some unknowns, we are excited with our plan is to be fully open with no option for full-time virtual learning.

I am honored and privileged to lead a dynamic community where teachers and staff cultivate an environment for students to achieve and believe in themselves through a faith-based education. We have incorporated many of our traditions back into our calendar and we pray that we will be able to implement these activities.

I would like to welcome our new Pastor, Fr. John Bonnici and Fr. Louis Masi to Saints John and Paul School Community. It is truly a blessing having both priests so involved in the school. I look forward to a wonderful school year with Fr. John as our spiritual leader.

We have exciting new initiatives for the academic school year of 2021-2022:

  • Reading Remediation - Is back for our lower school with Mrs. Sabrina Rocchio.
  • Math Remediation - Is being added to our remediation platform for our lower school. We welcome back Mrs. Catherine Seibert.
  • Special Education Liaison - Mrs. Catherine Seibert will be coordinating with our teachers to be sure our students who have an IESP or an Assistance Plan are receiving the support they need in the classroom. Mrs. Seibert will work with the teachers helping them with resources when needed.
  • The Castle - has been re-decorated with age-appropriate sensory furniture for our students. We can't wait to send pictures!
  • We have also added Enrichment Programs in Grades 5-8. Please see information below.
  • Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS) - Guidelines have been updated to maintain the integrity of the program.
  • Vice Principal - Mrs. Patricia Howard will be the Vice Principal of the school dealing with many of the items she has in the past.
  • Assistant Principal for Development and Student Life - We have also hired an Assistant Principal to deal with technology, student life, marketing and fundraising.
  • SJP-Care - Will be up and running next year. This is our after school care program. Please see links attached to this newsletter to signup.

Please make sure your children are working on their summer assignments. Their math and reading assignments are due no later than Friday, September 10, 2021.

You will also be receiving a letter from your child's homeroom teacher by the end of the summer. Please know that I welcome your participation, support, and efforts, as they are greatly valued and appreciated. We are looking forward to a great year of academic success, an enriching social experience and an on going collaboration between administration, teachers, parents, and students. I look forward to seeing you on our first day of school:

School will start on Wednesday, September 8th. We may need to divide cohorts between two dates 9/8/21 and 9/9/21 as we did last year. The state has not released any information yet for the academic school year of 21-22. Once we finalize, we will let all of our families know.

Please check the “Parent” tab on the website for the checklist for new and current families. We appreciate the return of all forms especially the IRIS (Emergency Information Form) before the start of school.

Also, please check the calendar link below for more detailed information in terms of half days, full days, days off, and school events.

May God continue to watch over your family this summer. I pray that all our families remain safe and healthy during these uncertain times. I look forward to seeing all of you this Fall.

God Bless,

Mrs. Fatima deCarvalho-Gianni


Welcome SJP Playdate

Sunday, Aug. 22nd, 10:30am-12pm

Locust Avenue

Larchmont, NY

Kids can wear their SJP gym shirts.

There will be a table with coffee, donuts and water at the playground.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

New Position at SJP

Assistant Principal for Development and Student Life

Saints John and Paul is growing and developing new programs, therefore, we have restructured our administration. I will continue on as Principal and Mrs. Patricia Howard will be our Vice-Principal. We welcome Mr. Anthony Scotti to our administrative team and look forward to working with him in that capacity.

Growing up in the Bronx, Mr. Scotti attended Catholic schools throughout his whole academic career and is a firm advocate for Catholic education. Beginning at St. Clare of Assisi School in the Bronx, then continuing on to Fordham Preparatory School and lastly earning his Bachelors in Secondary Education with a concentration in mathematics and a Masters Degree in School Building Leadership from Manhattan College. Mr. Scotti joined the SJP community in 2016 where since then he has been a member of our Middle School faculty, teaching mathematics and engineering. As the Assistant Principal for Development and Student Life, Mr. Scotti’s role will be to manage the marketing and social media of SJP, as well as our technology program and other parts of student life.

COVID Update

July 2021Update

Well there is not much information to release yet. The only change that we have been informed of is that we can decrease our distancing to three feet. Though CDC came out with their updated guidance:

New York State DOH, Westchester DOH and NYS Education Department has not. Once their guidance is released we will diligently evaluate the guidance and await updates from the Archdiocese.

Of course, SJP has already been developing several plans to go forward for the reopening of school. Our task force will be hard at work in August to help SJP implement any guidance that is required.

Graduating Class of 2021

High School Information

Last year we graduated 25 students. Our students will be attending the following prestigious high schools.

Our boys will be attending:

Fordham Prep, Bronx

Iona Prep, New Rochelle

Stepinac High School, White Plains

Mamaroneck High School

New Rochelle High School

Our girls will be attending:

Dominican Academy, Manhattan

FASNY, New Rochelle

Greenwich Academy, CT.

Lauralton Hall, CT.

Maria Regina High School, Hartsdale

Sacred Heart, CT.

The Ursuline School, New Rochelle

Thornton Donovan, New Rochelle

Mamaroneck High School

White Plains High School

The Class of 2021 received in total $684,204 in academic scholarships.

Note: Not all scholarships were reported to Saints John and Paul School

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, we wish you well in High School and we are confident they will make SJP proud.

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French Exams

In 2017-2018 we offered the AP Exam to our Fluent French students for the first time. We announced that our students scored 5’s and 4’s on the exam, which afford them to acquire college credit in French at their future colleges/universities. We also prepared 1 student in Fluent French for the SAT Content Exam in French and that student received a perfect score.

In 2018-2019 we had wonderful results as well. All students who took the AP Exam received 5's on the exam. We also had students take the SAT Content Exam in French and received exceptional scores.

In 2019-2020 due to COVID no students took the AP Exam. This year 2020-2021, we once again offered the exam to our students and they received 5's. Congratulations to all the students and especially their teachers who prepared them throughout the year. A special thank you to our Language Director, Mrs. Elsa Douineau for her exceptional vision for our Fluent French Program.

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Regents Exams

Our 8th graders were exempt from the Algebra I Regents and the New York State Earth Science Regents. They all successfully passed their course and will receive high school credit where applicable.

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Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS)

The Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS) offers an academically and intellectually enriching program for our students. Students who are identified in middle school for this program may have the opportunity to participate in accelerated classes in: English Language Arts and Social Studies and/or Math.

Consideration for Middle School ALPS Classes

Students whose recent IOWA reading achievement scores are at or above the 85th percentile and or their math scores are at or above the 85% will be identified and placed on a list for possible placement in the program. Student’s classroom test grades, teacher recommendation, and New York State Scores will also help to determine permanent placement in the program. Students are usually placed in September of the academic school year. Students may be considered after the first and second quarter with teacher recommendation and educational test scores of 95% and above consistently. Seventh grade students in grade level math cannot move up into 7 ALPS after the first quarter. Students remain in the ALPS Program unless the student does not adhere to the minimum requirements.

Minimum ALPS Requirement:

For students to remain in ALPS classes they must maintain a minimum of an 80 average in their ALPS class(es). They must submit all work on time and complete. Failure to adhere to these requirements will cause SJP to place your child on probation for the following quarter. If grades do not improve the following quarter and your child does not receive an 80 or above in their ALPS class(es), they will be removed from the program.

Student and Family Commitment:

The challenges of the ALPS program require both students and their families to commit time and energy. Students and families who are invited to participate in the program agree to work together to ensure that the student:

  • Classwork and assignments will be of high quality and submitted on time.
  • Class participation will be active, appropriate and students will come prepared to class.
  • Effort and conduct grade is not lower than an “A” on their report card.
  • Minimum grade of "B-" (not lower than an 80%) will be maintained in each ALPS class.

Eighth Grade ALPS MATH Program:

At SJP, the eighth grade has an advanced math class (Algebra CC) taught during the school day. To be successful in our accelerated eighth-grade program, the following is recommended for a successful academic year:

· Must maintain an 80% or better on all tests in 7th grade ALPS.

· Must score in the 85th percentile on IOWA in Math and ELA.

· Have a high 3 or 4 on the New York State Exams.

· Must show a commitment to math.

· Self-motivated and a willingness to be challenged in Algebra CC.

Note: Even though students are placed in seventh grade Math ALPS, it is not a guarantee they will be placed in Algebra CC in Eighth Grade.

Enrichment Programs for Middle School

Saints John & Paul School Middle School Challenge Program

As part of the mission of Saints John and Paul School, our goal is to open our students’ minds to the many opportunities the world has to offer. Whether it be in the classroom or extracurricular activity, it is crucial for our students to keep the values and lessons learned at Saints John and Paul at the forefront of their identity.

In keeping with the mission of our school, we have decided to institute an enrichment program in our Middle School that will open their minds to various fields found in the real world. Students in grades 5 to 8 will be able to experience a different course each semester. These courses were selected to challenge students to be problem solvers, inquisitive, self-motivated, and life-long learners. Through research and discussion, students will have opportunities to collaborate, exchange opinions, and ideas. Please see descriptions below of the courses that will be offered.

Debate Challenge- (5th & 6th Grade)

As an introduction to Speech and Debate, students will learn how to tactfully debate relevant issues. They will learn the value of research and how to craft an argument with evidence to support their assertions. Throughout the course, students will develop techniques to improve their public speaking abilities. Using reasoning and evidence, students will formulate arguments and learn how to dispute claims offered by an opposing side. At the end of the course, students will prepare final debate presentations with their assigned team.

Logic Activity Challenge- (5th &6th Grade)

Logic is the science of reasoning that allows you to determine a possible outcome or best choice. Not only is it a crucial skill for real-life application, but it is equally important inside the classroom. There are many benefits to logical reasoning. First, logic empowers and enables students with the ability to take what information they are given and build upon it. Second, it is the cornerstone of math. Lastly, logical reasoning encourages students to think for themselves, experiment, and even ask the big, out-of-the-box questions. ( This course will challenge students to create and solve different types of word and logic puzzles. Throughout this program students will have the opportunity to study brainteasers, analogies, puzzles, and other forms of reasoning activities.

Future Composers Challenge- (5th & 6th Grade)

Continuing the students’ knowledge in the area of music, the Future Composers course will use an online educational software that will allow students to compose, record, assess, and share music with their classmates. A user-friendly software, students will have access to hundreds of pre-written musical scores that they can adapt into their own. Diving deeper into music theory and composers, students will have the opportunity to record their own piece, receive feedback from their teacher, and by the end of the course, have a fully composed piece to share with their class.

Mock Trial Challenge- (7th & 8th Grade)

As a part of the Mock Trial course, students will gain knowledge of legal processes and civic duties. Following a program based on the Mock Trial competition done by Saints John and Paul in previous years, students will assume the role of lawyers, witnesses, jury members, and other roles found in a courtroom. Working to prepare their presentation of a fictional court case, the Mock Trial program will allow students to understand the law, gain public speaking skills and practice critical thinking.

Entrepreneurship Challenge- (7th & 8th Grade)

With startup businesses and companies increasing in the real world, the purpose of this course is to offer an introduction to the world of business. Students will learn the main ideas of being an entrepreneur and the skills needed to run a successful business. Beginning with a focus on resume building, students will identify their own skills and how to convert them into a business concept. Researching problems that the world currently faces, the class will begin brainstorming business ideas based on strategy, marketing, finance, and operations. Forming a business plan with their group, the students will create presentations based on their ideas, marketing goals, and business operations, culminating in their own startup business at Saints John and Paul School.

Deep Dive Into Historical Documents 8th Grade ALPS Social Studies

When you look at any defining changes or actions that have taken place throughout history, from the highest government levels all the way down to individuals, documents are at the core of each one.

Some examples of primary sources/documents that will be covered through the academic school year:

  • The US Constitution

  • Gettysburg Address

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Civil Rights Act

  • Lincoln’s House Divided Speech

  • Bill of Rights, 13th/14th Amendments

  • Dred Scott v. Sanford

  • Emancipation Proclamation

  • Voting Rights Act

  • 19th Amendment/Women’s Right to Vote

  • Presidential Executive Orders/Desegregation of the Armed Forces

  • Brown vs Board of Education

  • Martin Luther King (I Have A Dream Speech)

  • Frederick Douglass “The Hypocrisy of American Slavery”

  • Sojourner Truth “Ain’t I A Woman”, etc.

Writing Across the Genres 8th Grade Level ELA

Students will study different genres of literature. They will analyze different pieces of literature like poetry, narratives, vignettes, etc. There will be a strong emphasis on self-editing and revising of written work.

School Building Enhancements

Water Fountain / Bottle Filler –In the spring we were able to update two water fountains into a new Water Fountain / Bottle Filler system. Only the bottle system was accessible during COVID. This summer we were able to add two more water fountain / bottle filler systems in the school.

Auditorium - We have added an additional remedial room in the auditorium as originally designed. The auditorium will not be used as permanent classroom, but be utilized for specials as well as overflow classrooms for middle school classes as we did in the past.

Gym - We will be using the gym as a gym for physical education this year. We will utilize outside as much as possible, but also have access to the gym on days that does not permit our students to go outside.

Remediation Room - Upgraded with new age appropriate furniture.

Technology Update

New Website - SJP is currently updating our website and we hope to go live the beginning of August 2021.

Chromebooks are being cared for this summer so your children will have access to them for next year. Mrs. Mitzi Echeverria has been working diligently all summer.

There are many updates on this front. We upgraded our bandwidth. We have updated our fire wall as well as analyzing our Access Points (AP) around the building to enhance our connectivity throughout the day. We would like to thank Mr. McFarland for all his help this summer in helping prepare for the Fall of 2021.
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New Teachers and Staff

We Say Good-bye

We said good-bye to some wonderful staff members who will not be returning to SJP for the academic school year of 2021-2022:

Mr. Fernandez

Ms. O'Keeffe

Mrs. Bruno

Mrs. Barone

We will continue to wish them well in their new endeavors.

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We Say Hello and Welcome

We welcome back:

Spanish Teacher Grades K-4 - Mrs. Marta Maestro-Carrera

Math Remediation and Special Education Liaison - Mrs. Catherine Seibert

We welcome to our staff:

8th Grade Religion - Father Louis Masi

7th Grade Religion - TBD

Physical Education - Mr. Michael Paulercio

Middle School Teacher - Mr. Christian Vega

Middle School Teacher - Mrs. Tara Bulfamante

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September Calendar - Overview

Please see our website for calendar information -

Check List

Please see the following checklists:

Current and New Families

Pre-Kindergarten Families


All new and current families must fill out the IRIS Form. Due date Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Change of Address Form - Existing Parents

If you have moved and are an existing parent at SJP, please fill out the following form and return no later than Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Internet Contract Form

Parents must fill out with their children to understand the responsibility that comes with using SJP devices. Form due Friday, September 10, 2021


Parents interested in aftercare please fill out the following form and return by the first day of school Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

New Parents

Please go to our website for addition forms needed under the Parents Tab, then proceed to New Student Forms.