Pre-school teacher

Carly Williams

Why I chose this job

I love kids and want to help them This could be the building blocks to being a teacher I like to support others

Job Description

Salary :13.52 a hour and 28,570 a year Growth Opportunities :You can own a pre-school or teach kindergarten Job Opportunities:Pre-school teaching can be a base for teaching other grades Responsibilities: Teaching basic shapes, animals the abc's , basic colors teaching numbers to 10,and teaching important language skills

Education and training

To be a preschool teacher you need a certification in early childhood education. You will also need to have a high school diploma.


In the hour a pre-school teacher earns$ 13.52 in a whole year they make $28,570

Work Evironment

Indoors or outdoors?: Both Office/ Fieldwork: none, classroom or outside Dress type for work?: Shirt and Pants most of the time Individual/ Group work: You will be one on one with the kids or in a large group. You will be in big groups a lot more.
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After everything I still like this job. It can be a start to teaching. My findings show that this the best job ever but can be a great start to the education world and its cluster.