Rush Revere and American Revolution

By: Rush Limbaugh

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Annotated Book Review

An unusual teacher that time travels with his students to teacher. Author Rush Limbaugh creates a historical fiction book, Rush Revere and The American Revolution. The book enticed readers into reading a trip into the American Revolution. The main charter travel throughout history to educate his student about American history. The book was all around a good book with its combination of charters. This book keeps the younger with lots of adventure and curiosity about what is happening in the book. The book grapple with danger at the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill.

The conflict in the book is how Cam, one of Rush’s students, is challenged by another student in a different class to a dodge ball game and Rush used time travel to prepare him by relating this conflict to the American Revolution. The author always having something going on the book. The author left ever chapter on a cliff hanger. The main charters travel all around in the year 1775 in Massachusetts to see the American Revolution and the mid-night ride of Paul Revere. Another conflict is that Cam’s dad is in Afghanistan and Rush tries to show how his dad has to sacrifice himself for his freedom and the country. But Cam is angry that his dad left him to go fight for America.

Main character Rush and Cam are 30 and 12 years old Americans in America must find a way to beat the other student, Billy, in a game a dodge ball, they used the American Revolution to strategize. Also to show how Cam’s dad is fight for his country and why he is fight for his country.

The author had some issues when writing the novel. The setting wasn’t very clear to me, like when I they were at the Hancock-Clarke House I didn’t have a good picture of what was going on at that time. Also the important aspects was not very interesting to me. Some characters were not very interesting like Cam’s friend and Little Liberty.

Analysis of historical accuracy in the novel

The book was amazing with the historical events accuracy. There was anything wrong with the accuracy of the events. The author could have done a better job with the details of the historical events. Also the author could have had more events in the book, like get more into each battle of the Revolutionary War. Anthor thing is when Cam was caught in the cross fire in one of the battles Cam change into a different character in almost seemed.