Homeless Housing

Matt Jewell

Should the government provide more affordable housing?

The government has provided affordable housing for the homeless of America for years. The American government has proven time and time again that it will provide to the American public. Now, it depends on how those people use those opportunities to become better, and if they can use it to achieve something greater. The US government has established divisions such as HUD to combat these issues. The government can only achiece so much by giving these opportunities to the homeless because a majority of homeless individuals would not accept their obligations.

Should the government provide help to the homeless children?

A majority of the homeless people in America are adult, caucasian men. Children are amomg the very few percentile that are legitimately homeless. HUD and most government programs focus on sheltering children a lot more than adults. For instance, children that are not permitted to live with their parents are placed in foster care or are handed over to a stable guardian in the family.

Chris Gardner and the Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner is the epitome of a self-made man. He is a perfect example of how you deal with adversity, and he shows that whatever you are up against, you need to keep pushing and working hard. In the movie, the Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner, who is played by Will Smith, is faced by an onslaught of issues and difficulties in his life. His wife left him in a time of need, he had to take care of his son, and on top of all of this, Chris had to make money and support himseld and his son. Adversity was a forefront in this man's life, and he overcame it. If anyone is having a bad day, think of this man and all of the challenges he faced and overcame.