Web Developer

$51,946 per year

2.How many people are currently employed in this career

141,400 people are currently employed

3.What does someone who has this job do?

An employee with this job is generally assigned to design different gimmicks or websites for the company. Generally, the person has to sit at a computer for hours writing complicated codes and programs.

5.What type of person would do well in this job?

The person who would best fit this job would be a person who is skilled with computers and coding. Someone creative who has had past experience with computer designing would best fit this job.

6. What training is required to do this job?

The training required to do this job is basic. A person interested in this career must have a Bachelor’s Degree, and 0-2 years of experience in a related field of studies.

7.What advice would you give someone interested in this job?

-Two types of Web developers: Server side(ASP.Net, PHP, Coldfusion), and Client side(HTML, Javascript)

8.Why would someone want this job?

Someone would want this job because the job lets you use all of your creativity and ideas while still making money. You can make anything you want while designing web pages for search engines, etc.

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You need to know you way around a computer pretty well to be a web developer

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You also need to be fluent in math

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