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Attend the school management

10 -10 answer questions: competition: this corner will repeat a 15 day final, non-award, and he is considered to be a quiz corner to begin and end the program. This little quiz to, attend two children at a time. These children ankara within the boundaries of the elementary school, senior students will attend the school management, including results of the competition. As said at the beginning, the tamil radio app competitions 'final' it is not in question. The aim is 'race' is not run, to test their more information among themselves, is to increase them. Children talking and writing, and grammar to as much as the correction; them, to accustom to convey an idea of the best way, properly speaking, the aim will be section to try to improve read and write trends.
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Used to sources: all relevant publications, expert and competent people about the chosen topic, while artists, bands and plates in our archives. Tahminimaliyet: advisory board members (mean two or a) remuneration, attend required to program experts and officials remuneration, ordered to play fees, payments to directors for a program, if the program, participating artists also payments made to the artists, will be given to children to make tamil online radio the program voiceover fees (which are subject to the course passed the final exam); to gift to children attend the small coins are considered quiz books; which can already be tamil radio app considered permanent expenditure.
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In this case, a very general estimate the average cost of each program 800-900. (eight to nine hundred million) tl. Due to the (except for wages paid to children join the voice) can be calculated. In the annual accounts, this is still an average 40-45000000 (forty-forty-five) will be due in the tl. St stage programs offered suggestions form. This will be the first tamil radio app to elaborate on the subject of research is done, it starts to collect material.
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Cost accounts are not included fees paid to the children participate in the program audio. Because many children in each program can be recorded on the tape is impossible to calculate in advance. Producer's special notes: taking into account the characteristics of turning the audience of the program alone with tamil radio app the child, the producer, contributing to can be child education and child psychology an advisory consisting of experts in the field of the creation of the committee tamil online radio on how to reach their goals, will be eligible made after acceptance of proposal form programs that offer. St stage process is initiated. At this stage, the program that is being monitored method tamil radio app is determined. If more than one person works in the division of labor made programs.
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Content will be followed in the preparation and presentation of means and methods are determined. Work schedule is removed. Approvals and official correspondence will be taken care of. Of each program is unique plan in the planning stages. Example of a promise of a generation a music program broadcast to be made for planning the work to be done in. Music element in the planning of the music program reviewing relevant material music will outweigh, as the subject while drama is made in a much more complex planning, for example the copywriter work it will also begin construction process after accepting the place.