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January 10, 2020

Social Emotional Learning -- Getting to the WHY

Although I share a number of things with our families and staff members throughout the year, I hope one message that is NEVER lost in the shuffle is our focus on social emotional learning. But why?! Aren't schools supposed to focus on academics and preparing our students for success at New Trier, college, and beyond? We have certainly not forgotten the academic element of school, but research shows that students thrive far more when they are in environments where they feel connected to others and there is "psychological safety."

With that in mind, we are intentionally focusing on building social awareness and interpersonal skills to help our students maintain positive relationships because we know students are more successful learners in school and beyond when they feel safe.

Google agrees! Take a look at the video below that captures the findings of a 3 year study by Google to determine what makes a team most successful. Keep tuning in to our Avoca West News to learn more about specific interpersonal skills and opportunities to partner with our school team in growing your practice at home!

Secrets Of Successful Teamwork: Insights From Google

5Essentials Survey -- Parent Plea!

Avoca West's 5Essentials Survey is an annual opportunity to share your impressions about our school. Your feedback appears on our state report card and is used in conjunction with staff and student feedback to generate building goals. In order to generate a report of parent feedback, 20% response rate is required. We are currently sitting at 5%. Yikes! Please consider this a personal plea to spend five minutes to share your input so that we can get a sense of where we're hitting the mark and where we have opportunities for improvement. Thank you! Thank you!
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