Collins Cadence

2022-2023 Friday, August 26, 2022

Collins Cobras

Shelli LeBlanc, Principal

Amanda Cucinotta, Assistant Principal

Ariel Aymond, Counselor 5th Grade

Krystal McCure, Counselor 6th Grade

From The Principal

We are excited to host our 2022 Parent Information Night this Thursday! You will hear important information about what your child will learn this year; we encourage all parents to attend.

We have divided the night into two sections, 6-6:45 pm for 5th grade and 7:10-7:55 pm for 6th. We need your help. If our fifth grade parents will make make a quick and safe exit from the event and our sixth grade parents wait a bit for those cars to clear before arriving to Collins and the surrounding parking areas, this will allow for a smoother transition.

Our 5th grade parents attending 6th grade parent information will wait in the library until our 6th grade teachers open their doors.

Regarding parking - if you choose to park at the back of Collins please remember these two important things:

  1. Please DO NOT park on both sides of the narrow drive leading to the back of Collins from Gosling. It is not safe! An emergency vehicle could not reach the back of the school when parents use both side of the small drive.
  2. Please only make a right turn to exit onto Gosling. Everyone can exit very smoothly and safely when only turning right.

Wishing you all the best,

Shelli LeBlanc

Times To Remember...

Bell Schedule:
  • 8:50 AM—4:00 PM
  • Students may enter the building by 7:45 AM (Please enter 5th grade side door)
Lunch Times (Visitor to Collins Café will begin Wed 8/17/22)
  • 6th Lunch A: 11:50 AM - 12:20 AM
  • 5th Lunch B: 12:10 AM- 12:40 PM
  • 5th Lunch C: 12:30 PM. - 1:00 PM
  • 6th Lunch D: 12:50 PM - 1:20 PM

Sign Up Genius:

Front Office Times:
  • 8:00 AM—4:30 PM
End of Day:
  • 3:30 PM Calls to change transportation will end
  • 3:40 PM Early check out of students will end
  • 3:35 PM Cones for car rider dismissal will be set - cars for early pick up will not fit in front parking area
  • 3:45 PM First Flight (7 cars) will move forward to cones
  • 4:00 PM Flights 1 and 2 dismissed along with bike riders
  • 4:07 PM Walkers dismissed - continue to scan parents cars using sign with student's ID number. Students will meet parents at cones 1 - 7. Once a flight is loaded it will be dismissed to take a RIGHT hand turn only to exit.
  • Buses will be dismissed based on bus arrival to campus.

Upcoming Dates

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Collins Student Dates for Fall/Spring 2022-2023

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The Collins Café

Collins Clubs

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Collins Clubs - due Aug 29th

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PTO Spirit Night

Join us for a sweeeet Spirit Night at Twisted Sugar!

Tuesday, Aug 30 from 3 - 7 pm

Twisted Sugar is generously donating 15% of ALL sales during this time! Tell all your friends and family to stop by and pick up some treats!

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2023 Yearbooks are on sale now! Don’t miss out, order your yearbook today at Place your order by October 21st and save.

Counselor Updates


We have a variety of assistance programs available for families here at Collins. Please let us know your needs by filling out our assistance form here.

Colossal Cobra - The character trait for the month of September is Respect. The focus is on treating others the way you want to be treated, using good manners, accepting others and their differences, and handling conflicts peacefully.

Colossal Cobra ceremonies will be Monday, September 26 from 1:15-1:45 for 6th grade and Tuesday, September 27 from 1:15-1:45 for 5th grade.

This year we are bringing parents back to help celebrate. If your student is a recipient of the award, you will receive a letter home inviting you to participate and an email. Sixth graders will receive the Cobra pin and a certificate, and 5th graders will receive a certificate.

We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony to help celebrate.

Guidance Lessons

Guidance lessons with 5th and 6th grade will go through the PE library rotation September 6-23.

TIPS: Organization

Most adults assume that organization is an inherited trait. In reality only 10% of humans are born with the innate trait of creating systems and maintaining them. This often leaves us wondering why our 5th and 6th grade humans can’t organize. We have to teach them.

Launching Pad - One of the things you can do at home is creating a “launching pad” area. For many, this becomes the back door area of the house or perhaps the kitchen table. The way this process works is this is where the backpack goes and anything else needed to go out the door for school. When your child is doing work at home that wasn’t finished during the school day, your student can take this work out of the backpack that is sitting at the “launching pad” site and return the work back to the back pack at the “launching pad” site. Lunch boxes, shoes, jackets, water bottles, instruments etc can all go to the “launching pad” site. Any important papers or things that need to be signed by parents or looked at by parents are placed in this area as well. This process will take teaching and reteaching. Don’t give up!

Nurse Updates

Medication at School

The district does not provide medication to administer to students. All prescription and non-prescription FDA approved medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent or legal guardian in its original container accompanied by a current (signed and dated) Medication Permission Form. No medication will be accepted or administered at school if brought in by a student with a parent note, no exceptions (including cough drops). Dosages will be administered based on the directions printed on the original container unless a physician’s order is present. Aspirin or products containing aspirin will not be given to any child under the age of 18 years while at school due to the increased risk of developing “Reye’s Syndrome.” All medication, including cough drops, will be kept in the clinic at all times. Students who have asthma or anaphylaxis may experience times when the symptoms worsen and the physician orders the student to carry an inhaler or anaphylaxis medication with them while at school. Please provide a letter from the physician with complete instructions for use as well as permission for the student to carry this medication.

5th Grade Parents

After Labor Day we will begin vision and hearing screenings. If your child wears glasses, make sure he/she brings them to school. We will coordinate with PE so there will not be any missed classroom instruction. You will be notified only if your child does not pass.

Library Update from Mrs. Boyd

The Collins Library can’t wait to see everyone! If you are interested in helping out, please let our librarian know. We would love some parent volunteers to help with shelving and checking books in/out.

Our school library is an active hub of learning, collaboration, books, games, and exploration. To help achieve these high expectations, we depend on support from a lot of different sources. If you would like to help out, we would happily take donations of the following items:


Patterned scrapbook paper- not scraps, whole sheets

Used magazines for art projects

Games (perfection, operation, apples to apples, connect 4, jenga, etc) - must have all pieces and be in good shape

Batteries - AA and AAA sizes

Notebook paper

Construction paper

Pre-sharpened pencils

New sets of color pencils

White copy paper

Fun, encouraging stickers

At this time we do not take donations of books from family shelves due to the time it takes to process and review each book to assure compliance with district standards.

Orchestra Update from Mrs. Gibbs

We are off to a great start this year in Orchestra! Please make sure you are signing your child’s weekly practice record every Monday evening so it is ready to turn in on Tuesday’s.

Morning Practice is available Monday through Friday from 8:00- 8:30a.m.

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